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364 - / 365 "Just a man"

I've never been good at instructing/teaching. Learning so many things

on my own, warped my ability to communicate, i think.

Ive never tried to be a role-model .. it sounds like too much responsibility.

I know how fallable i am,and my many shortcomings are things i try

to work on every day. I have tried to be an Honest and honorable person.

But i have made many mistakes,and learned from them.

thats all i could ask of anyone.

Im no more or less special than anyone you see on the street.

Im just a man.




This idea has been in my head for awhile,but with a suit and no boots.

sadly,i didnt have a tripod with me either, and had to get it quick after i got off work.

Still ... i like it alot. this was almost my 365 ... but i decided on the next to last

was still a damn good place for it. I wanted it to be a reflective moment on

where i have come from.


a year ago -

I had never used a texture , or done hardly anything with layers.

I didnt know what an "action" in PS was or how to make them.

I knew next to nothing about my camera and its settings.

I had never shot in raw or in manual.

I was self-conscious about shooting in public, crowded places.

I rarely took Self-portraits because i disliked how i looked in photos.


Funny how just one year can change so much.

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Taken on June 11, 2010