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341 - / 365 "Stare at me with empty eyes,and point your words at me..." | by Drummy ™©
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341 - / 365 "Stare at me with empty eyes,and point your words at me..."

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"Hungry? grab a snickers."


thats what the sign told me as i walked past the window of a corner mart.

made me wonder how many offices still had vending machines with

chips, drinks and candy bars still in them. the sun was out,and most

offices have alot of windows, so if i stayed away from the basement and the

center of the building,i should be fine. im guessing im somewhere around

pioneer square... but everything looks the same anymore.

Just buses ,cars and bodies amongs the rubble.


first floor was empty. second floor had a water cooler that was knocked over

and half empty. but i quickly dismissed drinking any of it. i still havent

recovered. my head pounds and ive had to take a knee several times when

the dizziness takes over. I rounded a corner of the office,and saw a bunch

of chairs piled up against a door. keeping something in?


theres alot of dust and ash in the hallways, must be a hole in the upper levels.

if i stand still it almost looks like its snowing. the sun burnt the east part of the

building so badly that walking on the floors was impossible. it crumbled

and creaked as if threatening to tell on me.


i opened the stairwell and Immediately raised my gun and fired. BLAM!

a cardboard cut out of an office worker in a suit and tie, waving and smiling at me,

was now shredded and scattered amongst the stairs.i took a deep breath and tried

to keep the nausea down.a sudden cough rose in my throat and lasted for

several minutes. small specks of blood splatted on the glass as i coughed one

last time. i grabbed the railing and made my way up two floors.


as i opened the 5th floor door, and carefully looked around with the light on the gun,

i heard a crash from the floor below. something fell over. then another thud.

a sound like running. my head darted back and forth,looking for another exit.

i was way too high to jump. my heart beat louder than my head, as i listened.




then a stairwell door slammed against the wall and what sounded like

multiple feet began pounding on the stairs. faster. louder.

I backed away from the door, checking my gun to make sure it was fully loaded.

I sighed and cocked a shell into place.


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Taken on May 19, 2010