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314 - / 365 " a midnight stroll" | by Drummy ™©
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314 - / 365 " a midnight stroll"

"Put your bag down,and walk away, or im going to

blow your bald head offa yer shoulders..."


Short ,bright red hair lined her wild eyes and hung at the corners of her mouth.

Drug addicts with guns seem to be the most common creature in this brave new world.


Fortunately for me,their reflexes are slow and they dont jump back from broken necks.


that was 62 days ago, now.

the last time i saw a person who didnt try and kill me was 3 weeks ago.

He was a former pastor.

I broke into a burned up am/pm ,looking for a pack of smokes.

we had a tense meet-n-greet but he wasnt twitchy like the others.

we talked for a few and then decided to share dinner.

fire cooked mac and cheese.

the conversation turned to him wanting to pray with me.

he wanted to try and save me.


Save me from what?

theres no turning it back now. no "oops,lets try that again."

anybody still alive here,isnt going to be saved.

they already survived , and this is what we have to enjoy.


In the middle of the night i was woken up to the sound

of the pastor saving himself,with a little help from smith and wesson.


I never did find any smokes there.


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Taken on April 22, 2010