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313 - / 365  "Hell is not unknown to me. It's where i lay my head." | by Drummy ™©
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313 - / 365 "Hell is not unknown to me. It's where i lay my head."

Its all about the little details.


I knew I wouldn't be able to deal with our little "social group".

it was only a matter of time before i left.


When the state trooper shot the young couple because they took some

of his stash of water bottles,that sealed the deal.


they had been acting more and more like a Cult anyways,it was time

to cut them loose. Fire and brimstone sermons and people calling

this the "hour of purification" made me feel like they were

blaming themselves and me for what was all around us.

I knew it wasnt going to be as simple as

excusing yourself from dinner tho, so i slipped off in the early morning hours.


But not before paying the trooper one last visit.

he died quicker than he deserved,but i couldnt have him waking the

others,so i smothered him with a Nike duffel bag.


about 15 minutes later,while making my way across Denny,

several large explosions sounded off in the distance.


Thats when they strange orange and yellow clouds caught my attention.

a strong odor of propane and mildew almost made me gag,and i pulled

on my mask to get some relief. i dont know what this is in the air,but

its pretty safe to say it isnt making my situation any better.


When i got to capitol hill, i began to realize i havent seen the sun in weeks.

Clouds and overcast are common,but i cant remember the last time it was

visible up in the sky. For all i know,it might not even exist anymore.


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Taken on April 21, 2010