• A couple of personalized covers I was into doing for some of my mixtapes for awhile... didnt we all? (if you can remember analogue tapes that is)
  • "Greatest Hits" tapes were a favorite of mine. This is one for AC/DC that still rocks. Many of these track I have in no other format at the moment.
  • This walkman is BROKEN! why have i convinced myself it will be necessary and useful to hang onto it "just in case"?
  • The Dead Milkmen:
    memory: Road tripping down the california coast en route to mexico. Coastal cliffs. VW bussin. Okanagan house parties.
  • MC 900 ft. Jesus:
    My first trip hop, (and everybody elses). High school basement parties. Eddie Murphy sasquatch sample. The realization that Truth is Outta Style.
  • Beck Mellow Gold.
    Beck broke on the scene while I was in Montreal. Snowstorms on the way to Quebec City. Amazing we made it, not to mention back alive. Ima Loser Baby. so why dont ya kill me?
  • Turn it OFF!
    The break up tape. Dont need to say much about this. Alot of punk, aggresive, metal and ben harper. Driving across the country with 400$, 10 packs of smokes, and my cat riding shotgun.
  • For many years i ONLY listened to KISS. well maybe a little BOC and Sabbath. Then came Mtv.
  • Huge PHISH phase in New Brunswick. Garnered two complete cassetes of "hits". Driving the N.B country. Smoking and poker. Smoking and Quake. Smoking and Smoking.
  • Sonic Youth is sprinkled throughout these boxes. They have withstood the test of time. Most of these I do not have in digital format.
  • The other PHISH tape
  • The Tragically Hip were another mainstay for many a year. Too many memories to mention. Although as the sound track for the coast to coast canadian experience of my life this tape did a fine job.
  • Los Lobos - KIKO and the Lavendar Moon
    K, this album STILL has not been replaced in digital format and I am missing it like crazy!. Played it over and over and over for years in kelowna and montreal. Just the best!
  • Some actual country has crept its way into my music library over the years, mostly via my family, specifically my uncle and sister.
  • Hip hop has figured prominantly in my library from its early days. I tried getting it on Vinyl mostly therefore have very little in these boxes.
  • Faith No More - Angel Dust
    Not too many seemed to get this album. For me it was the perfect blend of hard rock and elctronic experimentation, not to mention deadly vocals and guitar.

What to do with two shoeboxes of tapes?

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So its not a huge collection or anything, but I have been dragging these shoeboxes around for years now and I may have had the chance to play any of them twice in all that time. The walkman doesn't even work fer cryin out loud, but I just know, "someday I'll be able to get it fixed".... AS IF !!!

Recently a friend of mine was dealing with this issue for themselves, and decided to basically discard them out right. Most of the music had been converted to CD or aquired through friends. The signifigance of personal associations the mixtapes and home made artefacts provided, was compared to the cost of storage and frequency of use, and found to come up lacking.

I should mention, this is the remnants of my entire tape cassette history. Many, many others did not make the many cullings over the years. As I could be approaching my FINAL cull, I'd really like to capture this content in some interesting and useful ways. Beyond the simple aquisition of these tracks in digital formats.

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  1. m e r c e n a r i o [deleted] 96 months ago | reply

    ¡¡¡ Que vivan los personalized covers !!!

  2. willster 95 months ago | reply

    Desiging the inlays and re-creating the original spines was such fun. You just don't get that immediacy nowadays. I've got a ton of tapes, one day I'll digitise them all to the computer as an MP3, but life's too short to spend it converting and re-converting audio formats.
    Nice description.

  3. alohalady 94 months ago | reply

    I had 100's of cassettes and when I moved a year ago I trashed them. I wish I had taken pictures of them :(

  4. Ereiam J.H. 93 months ago | reply

    You're damn straight that "Angel Dust" is perfect. I can't believe how well-written it is and, yet, quite wierd for a popular band.

    Oh, and I think mix-tape construction is a lost art for most. But I still make them.

    Nice group!

  5. tomdotcom88 82 months ago | reply

    garbage hehe..i had the same thing..boxes and boxes..i did tape some of the impossible to get ones though..some old classic punk and nobodys

  6. Todd Gundersomething 68 months ago | reply

    i have that exact box set! (almost!!!)

  7. Massimo Greco, italy [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

    ¡¡¡Nice picture!
    Congratulation for this wonderful shot!!!

    Massimo from Italy

  8. sailsborne 60 months ago | reply

    For some reason, a portable CD player uses up more battery juice less than two days faster than a walkman does whenever I listen to FM radio on it. :P

  9. elrentaplats 55 months ago | reply

    Te invitamos a añadir esta foto al grupo
    Crisis analógica, futuro digital

  10. E Ray 37 months ago | reply

    I used to have a couple shoeboxes of tapes too from when I was a kid. Stuff I bought, traded, recorded off the radio, or just us kids being goofy. They represented a big part of what my life was at the time. Anyway, after college I got a job 6 hours away. I got a small apartment and took most of my bedroom stuff that I would be using regularly. I come home and find my old bedroom has been turned into a guest room and all my tapes were thrown out, along with some other sentimental stuff. I'll never get over that.

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