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The Idol and Indy's revenge | by P.O. Arnäs
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The Idol and Indy's revenge

Yes! I did it! Ha! Those stupid apes never saw this coming, not by a long shot. And the idol must be worth thousands! Millions! Now I just need to reach the base camp and I'm home free. And Indy, the little sucker. He never knew what hit him when I drugged his bourbon last night.


Hmmm, the Mayans sure could build stuff that lasted. Nice architecture, I'll give them that. Would have been nice with a few RPGs and maybe a M60, though. Just to feel safe. Oh, what's this? Coins on the road. My lucky day! Good that I brought the backpack.


Shitshitshit! What the f…?!! Apes?! On the chase? Damn, they're fast. Need to speed up. Oh, shit! Left turn. Right turn. Jump goddammit! Duck! Left!


Right! Left! Shit, spiked wheel. SPIKED WHEEL?! Jumpjumpjump! Left!


"IIIINNNNDYYYYY! INDY, you goddamn bookworm. Get your lazy ass up here and SAVE ME! INDYYYY! No more fun for you if you ignore me. How dare you!? Ignore ME?! Huh?! Well, mister, just you wait till I get down there and you'll see. You and your goddamn whip. Like it makes you cool. Hah! I know what your long, long whip compensates for, you know. INDY!"


Look, a cave! No, a mine! I'll be safe there…

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Taken on February 16, 2013