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Focus on the Dogs

Kathy and I ran dogs yesterday, a nice 16 miler. It was a warm day (40F/4.4C), but cloudy - there was a slight breeze which also helped keep the dogs cooler. Most of the run was on forested trails, but here with just a mile to go we are in open fields at the forest edge. The trail was softer in the open areas, but still holding up well. It was a glorious day to be out with the dogs and a good friend.


Kathy ran three from Being There along with three from another friend's kennel. They are (front to back, right/left) Beluga, Salty (our friend has a Salty too), Churrie, Remy, Uno (son of Remy) and 2Spot. That was a great mix, I kept turning around and admiring their physical beauty and the poetry of their steady and synchronized movements. When it's working, and they are comfortable they develop a rhythm, each dog matching its team partner step for step. That's how this team looked. I swear, I could watch them all day. It looks as if our season is coming to a close :-(

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Taken on April 9, 2009