• Cleaner logo
  • Show selected EXIF inline
  • Links to Short "flic.kr" URL
  • Quick access to other photo sizes: square, small, medium, large.
  • Big Huge Lab's "On Black"
  • Tweet this photo
  • Keyboard shortcuts for navigating through streams, pools or sets.
    (use '?' to see what's supported)

Fittr Flickr

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I really liked Dustin's Greasemonkey script for Flickr, but I've been using Chrome exclusively for a while now, and since it now has extensions--thanks to Aaron and his team--I thought I'd hack something together.

I plan on adding to it over time, but for starters it gives you the following:
- Keyboard shortcuts (after installing press '?' to find out more)
- Link to "flic.kr" short url (photo page)
- Link to Big Huge Labs "On Black" Page (photo page)
- Link to user's Big Huge Labs "Scout" page (photostream)
- Quick access to EXIF
- Quick links to other sized photos
- Reply link that inserts icon html and name

If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Go to the project page to find the latest features and installer

Update 1.1:
Added a page action that triggers when viewing a Flickr image by it's direct URL. Clicking the action will take you to the relevant photo page. For example, after installing try this link.

Update 1.2 (23/10/09):
Here's the culmination of this week's evening hackery:
- LightBox! Press L on the photo page or click the photo to see a large preview inline.
- New shortcut: X to toggle the EXIF preview (it also animates now :)
- Hovering over the Flickr logo gives Yahoo some love.
- A few bug fixes for the way different pages are structured.
- Background page keeps an expiring cache for API calls, slightly less load and better performance.
- Scout link on profile.

Update (25/10/09):
This project is now open source and hosted on google's project hosting service. I won't be posting here about further updates. I will continue to make improvements and auto-updates will continue to work. You can find the project page here, please file feature requests for things you think will be cool.

Please note that this extension was written on my own time, on my own hardware and has nothing to do with my employer. I'm an avid, paying Flickr user and wanted to make the experience even better.

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  1. Badsey's Photography [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

      dpup: most of the users work when clicking scout, if they don't I enter there display name instead 80% of the time it works for example my Display names is "Chobblr Portfolio" so the link is bighugelabs.com/scout.php?username=Chobblr+Porfolio and that works fine, the next user for example is called "savedsoul" but on click his username shows and is not found so i type in there Display Name "Bolivar Rodriguez" and it works bighugelabs.com/scout.php?username=Bolivar+Rodriguez i was thinking it seems to work better with display names so why not update it so it reads them instead

  2. dpup 66 months ago | reply

      Chobblr: Cool, thanks. I'll give that a try.

  3. dpup 66 months ago | reply

    Update 1.1.1: Uploaded a new CRX with some bug fixes from the weekend.
    - It now makes a Flickr API call to get the proper user id for the Scout page link.
    - Fixed some cases where the page action wouldn't trigger for image pages.
    - Photo quick links are now generated with the results of a Flickr API call so an "Original" link is added if it's available, and "Large" will only be linked if one exists.

    Force an update by visiting chrome://extensions or wait for the auto-update to fire.

    (Thanks Christian, Glen, Chobblr for pointing out the issues.)

  4. Badsey's Photography [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

    What a good update :) be looking forward to future updates that you may bring

    also this made it on cnet news and people seem to be bitch about the scrubbed Flickr logo

  5. dpup 66 months ago | reply

      Chobblr: I saw that. I may have to take that "feature" out in the future. There are enough Greasemonkey scripts out there already that do it that I figured it wouldn't be a problem. We'll see...

  6. Badsey's Photography [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

      dpup: Screw them lol, as long as you don't remove there copyright at the bottom i think its fine, why not just give the option to let users be suck ups and have the logo show...it could be done when you press "?" and the option for the old flickr logo shows or the new one that way everyone is happy :)

  7. dlv.photo 66 months ago | reply

    For anyone who may be having the permissions error, you can't just be on a beta build, you must be on a developer build. dpup mentioned it earlier. Just a heads up.

  8. dpup 66 months ago | reply

    Just uploaded an updated CRX. See the description for more info. Main change is the addition of a lightbox:

    Fittr Flickr - Light Box

  9. Badsey's Photography [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

    great update, can i recommend a few things, the Lightbox link first off, can you round the top-left corner and when the larger image views what about removing the black border and adding drop shadow maybe 30px blur

  10. dpup 66 months ago | reply

      Chobblr: Nice idea, wait for the next update or force it now.

  11. diesmali 65 months ago | reply

    thanks, looks good!

  12. diesmali 65 months ago | reply

    About the H short cut key to the home page, it would be more interesting and useful for me with short cuts to the "your photostream" page and the "contacts" page.

  13. Dale Foshe - Dogwood Photography 64 months ago | reply

    Request: Can you add the ability to reply with name, or name & Icon similar to the way Better Flickr (firefox addon) does it in group threads? It seems you already have it working when replying in comments, but it does not appear to work in groups currently.

    And thanks for all of your hard work! I love the speed of chrome, and and finding myself using it more and more.

  14. amadamala 63 months ago | reply

    thanks, I'm using it and love it.

  15. 2nihon 62 months ago | reply

    I'd like the auto pagination feature used by this GM script: 6v8.gamboni.org/Flickr-Auto-Pagination.html

  16. dpup 62 months ago | reply

    Urg, if you installed the extension from the codesite rather than the extension gallery then please make sure you have at least version 1.5.1, otherwise you won't get any updates. I messed up the auto-update while going back and forth between the official chrome.google.com and the beta version.

    You can install by clicking here.

  17. 谈笑无还期 58 months ago | reply

    come on!!! update!!!!!!!

  18. 谈笑无还期 52 months ago | reply

    how about firefox?

  19. f2point8 49 months ago | reply

    I enjoy fittr flickr on chrome Thank you

  20. pankaj.anand 40 months ago | reply

    i love this plugin totally .. is there any same plugin for firefox ?

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