The Family Feud Adventure
The Family Feud Audition? We SLAYED IT.

The scene: About 45 families in a random conference room in a hotel in Cambridge, MA. Families get called up two at a time and compete in two rounds against each other (!!). We got called about 2/3 of the way through and competed against another family from MA (there were families from all over New England). Our two questions: (1) Name something associated with Eskimos (igloo! kisses! sled dogs! ice fishing! .... but not Eskimo Pies and Klondike Bars - WTF!) and (2) Name something you get more of as you get older (wrinkles! ... but not medicine!). J and I both won control during our rounds (we get to buzz in using a little bell) and although we didn't win on points (it was kind of half-ass scored) we def had the most School Spirit.

We'll hear via postcard within the next 2 weeks - and after that it's hopefully a trip to LA for us!
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