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I'm going to use MayorMaker to auto-check-me-in (tweet, etc) at every mile marker during the NYC Marathon tomorrow! | by dpstyles™
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I'm going to use MayorMaker to auto-check-me-in (tweet, etc) at every mile marker during the NYC Marathon tomorrow!

Mayor Maker is an app build on top of the foursquare API that allows you to automatically check into places that you walk into. For example, you can set Mayor Maker to automatically check you into your favorite coffee shop every time you walk thru the front door.


I'm going to use Mayor Maker tomorrow during the NYC Marathon to auto check me in to every mile marker as I run past them. I'll be running w/ my iPhone in my pocket (with GPS turned on). Every time I run over a mile checkpoint, Mayor Maker will send that checkin to foursquare and foursquare will send it back out to Facebook and Twitter. Cool, right?


If you want to do the same, here's what you need to do:


1. Sign up for foursquare(, dummy!)


2. Make sure your foursquare settings are set to auto-share your checkins to Twitter and/or Facebook.


3. Download the "Mayor Maker" app from iTunes (free!)


4. Open the "Mayor Maker" app and connect it to your to your foursquare account


5. In "Mayor Maker", click "Settings" and set the defaults to "Checkin: Automatic", "Checkout: No" and "Distance: 150". (like this)


6. Now you need to add *each venue* you want to automatically check into (this will take < 10 mins). Hit the "+" button and search for "NYC Marathon".


7. You'll see a list of all the venues that match - both official ING Marathon cheering sites, the official starting line and finish line and a bunch of "NYC Marathon - Mile 1" (etc) venues.


8. I added all 26 miles, the official starting line and the official finish line.


9. Add each venue (mile marker, etc) and make sure the settings set the same as Step 6. Repeat for each venue.


10. And that's it! Right before the race, open up "Mayor Maker" and make sure the icon on the lower left is the "arrow" (meaning location tracking is on). Make sure the footer in "Mayor Maker" says: "Background GPS is ON"




Now watch out cause this will drain your battery faster than normal. Make sure to turn your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Push Messages (from apps like foursquare) to OFF to save battery. You may also want to restart your phone just before the race (to make sure all the background apps you don't need are closed)


I tested RunKeeper (which I'll also be using) during a 3+ hour run and it was fine, tho I've never tested using both RunKeeper and MayorMaker at the same time.




ps #1: I'm running for charity (Camp Interactive) - help me reach my fundraising goal by donating here!


ps #2: I'll also be using RunKeeper to track my stats. You'll be able to watch me live (er, as a dot on a map) here:


ps #3: I'm wearing NYC Marathon bib #31101! If you see me running say hi!

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Uploaded on November 6, 2010