Getting our Fast Money on! First question is "Name a food that you like smoothered in onions" - I had to edit it because of Flickr's 150mb limit. Lame! (ps: look for special guest Julian Bleecker in the background!)

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Until we can find some way to torrent this shitz...

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  1. femmebot 75 months ago | reply


    My TiVo didn't record it :( Do you come back on for another game?

  2. dpstyles™ 75 months ago | reply

    yeah, we're on again today @ 3:30!

  3. jonathan crowley 75 months ago | reply

    i sure hope tombstones have embedded video in the future. cause i want this on mine.

  4. dpstyles™ 75 months ago | reply

    BTW, yes we did win $20k. :)

    But we also get taxed on it (think: lottery tax) - about 30%.

    So we go from $20k to $14k / 5 - $2800 each. (We bought a new TV for Vermont and though I think we're gonna put the rest towards a family vacation - Poland?)

  5. femmebot 75 months ago | reply

    What was the question for "pulls reins" and "the whip" (i'm almost afraid to ask)?

  6. dpstyles™ 75 months ago | reply

    Haha - "Name something you do to control a horse"

  7. femmebot 75 months ago | reply

    @jonathan crowley your wish has been granted:
    you can haz video tombstones

    @dens oooOoooh horses, right. that could work too.

  8. alicetiara 75 months ago | reply

    Dude, totally epic! My palms started sweating.

  9. joshc 74 months ago | reply

    who are these crazy people surveyed about onions?

  10. slowernet 74 months ago | reply

    Peterman, still getting it done

  11. gocohen 74 months ago | reply

    hysterical, go crowleys

  12. nicolasnova 74 months ago | reply

    bleecker jumping around!

  13. ibmethatswhoib 50 months ago | reply

    I'm glad that host is gone, the latest guy is better for sure. He was great on Sienfield but not on this really. That was pretty funny though
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  14. Voyagepedia 46 months ago | reply

    @dpstyles, I didn't know a lottery tax existed. I don't think it's normal, when you win 20K dollars, you should get them entirely...
    Well anyway, even $2800 per capita is great. I hope you ate a lot of onions to celebrate ? :)

    Best regards, Encyclopédie du voyage

  15. stephanie6869 42 months ago | reply

    This is a great tv show. I am so happy for the guy...
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