The first time I got laid off (Vindigo! 2001!), I made these Rules for Unemployment which actually worked really well. And since leaving Google, I've been trying to live by them again. Re-posting today for a friend who now has some extra free time :)

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    These are the rules from 2002 (after I came back to NYC after working as a snowboard instructor!). Seeing that, er, I still don't have a job, let's update them for 2008.

    1. Leave your apt before noon every day.
    2. Exercise every day (works well with #1)
    3. No drinking before 5pm.
    4. No watching TV / no reading blogs before 5pm (except during lunch).
    5. No taking taxis.
    6. No eating meals when drunk.

    ps: orignally from here - dont miss the haikus!

    1. @naveen 77 months ago | reply

      all good points.

      don't understand the significance of #6, though...

    2. dpstyles™ 77 months ago | reply

      well, this was originally designed to save me some $$$$$ (no taxis, no wasted meals when cranked!)

    3. cdfio 77 months ago | reply

      These rules have gotten me through some tough times...but I will admit they are easier to follow in the warmer months. Being unemployed in the winter sucks.

    4. femmebot 77 months ago | reply

      what # does cash out your stock options go under?

    5. dpstyles™ 77 months ago | reply

      Um, I also did the math last night and realized I've spend just about 50% of my time in NYC unemployed!

      2 years Jupiter
      1 year Vndigo
      2 years Google
      1 year = A/C + MTV
      5 years of working

      1 year pre-ITP (after 9-11)
      2 years @ ITP
      1 year dball post-ITP
      1 year post A/C
      5 years of NO JOB!


    6. moleitau 77 months ago | reply

      "if you have a choice, never have a job" - Milton Glaser

    7. pcnofelt 77 months ago | reply

      Another addition to the rule: At least one hobby (not web surfing) that you do daily for at least half an hour every day. This could range from learning how to do origami to learning about data structures.

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