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I lost my mobile couponing virginity tonight at this LBS Startup Meetup. It was held at Pop Burger in midtown and Naveen has this SMS coupon (from 8coupons) so I got a free mf'ing burger ($15!) and an ol' fashioned whiskey! Score!

Powered by 8Coupons - a mobile coupon'ing startup based out of NYC.


We covered this in class last week - mobile couponing isn't a bad idea (I'm actually seeing it in a lot of mobile biz plans these days), its just so hard to execute because of a venue's employees (the people behind the bar, cash register or counter). Both Vindigo and Modo tried this back in 2001 and it's still not happening seamlessly.


Case in point: When we showed the coupon (er, screen) to the bartender he said we had to print it out... and so we talked to the manager who eventually (and reluctantly) accepted it.


I'm not sure how Naveen got this via SMS (the idea is some app knows where you are and then you get coupons for things that are nearby - a la Outalot). Naveen, want to chime in here? Where'd the coupon come from?


And for the record, the last time I had an old fashioned was Stacey and Dave's bender of a wedding:


ps: Special thanks to Jexe for the extra-blurry photo!

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Uploaded on November 18, 2008