julia allison brings her dog to parties.

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shellen can't believe it either.

ps: apparently having NO JOB causes you to look OOMPALOOMPA ORANGE.

  1. @WillMcD 83 months ago | reply

    really Dens? Com'on!

  2. flickrsummer 83 months ago | reply

    she should bring a bra too.

  3. Aaron Landry 83 months ago | reply

    I'm getting sick of seeing that dog everywhere. And I'm not even in New York.

  4. lmessy 83 months ago | reply

    omg - nooooooo
    (wait until Megan K sees this!)

  5. sita puddin pie 83 months ago | reply

    that guy on the left looks like he's about to do something naughty to julia allison!

  6. jasonshellen 83 months ago | reply

    Um, gross. The framing of the photo does look odd. Way to go Kevin on the camera work.

  7. dpstyles™ 83 months ago | reply

    shellEn, i swear i will spell your name right one of these days.

  8. Colonel Cargill 83 months ago | reply

    June 9th, 10:35P: The exact moment wherein Julia Allison's dog resigns to the fact that his owner's prominent cleavage will not spill forth the milk he has been anticipating all these long years.

  9. marisaolson 83 months ago | reply

    totally clicked-through to all sizes to see if this was nipslip....

  10. Kevin Kearney 83 months ago | reply

    Thanks, Jason. It's really some of my best work. I'm not sure if I'm more proud of my ability to capture an almost-side-boob or getting Julia to hand her little Ewok over to a random orange dude.

  11. innonate 83 months ago | reply

    But it's such an ugly dog!

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