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Tackling my inbox (2/365)

It's been on 'the list' forever & today I finally began tackling my Outlook email at work. It was my 1st day back & I was happy to concentrate on something not too brain-taxing. Twitter (of course) led me to a helpful method of email management which I'm trialling, & so far I like it. I started today with a WHOOPING 32,039 unread emails! Seriously. But most of these are from e-lists - in fact one list alone had 16,000 unread emails. However, I currently also use the "mark as unread" function to denote importance, and get-back-to-ness. In fact many emails I had read - perhaps a few times! - but I classify them as important, and thus, "unread". This is a bad habit I want to change. I got heaps done today & my horror unread/inbox number has greatly reduced. And of course today, where appropriate, I did go crazy with the "mark as read" function! I'll leave a comment tomorrow with a new less-ouch-able number.

--> Do you have any hot tips on email management? I'd love to hear your ideas - thx! :)


p.s. I feel the need to add; I am on top of my job, just not my email. Yet ;)

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Taken on January 2, 2013