Fashionable Stranger, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris (13/100)

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    According to Wikipedia The rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré is cited as being one of the most fashionable streets in the world.

    I had seen shots taken there by Scott Schuman in The Sartorialist book and planned to walk it from top near the Champs all the way to the bottom by the Pimpidou Centre.

    I managed to get most of the way down when the police stopped me to tell me "it's not possible!". There was heavy security and roadblocks in the road due to a meeting of World leaders talking about the financial crisis. I showed the 'nice' (cough) policeman my camera and map and tried to explain where I was going and once again was told that would not be happening and I had to find a new way around.

    I followed his instructions to save myself a beating and hugh around watching the police and notable dignitaries through a fence before being moved on again.

    It was a fascinating street, I kept seeing fashionable people who then disappeared into buildings, around corners and was becoming a little despondent when I luckily saw this chap!

    I was walking in front of him and he was really smartly dressed and very suave looking so I waited till he came near (I think he thought I was stalking him) and explained the project to him. It was a hard sell initially as he wasn't keen on being photographed, but I kept at it and explained why I liked his style and he allowed me to take a few shots (I had the 50mm lens on for the day as I wanted to be back in familiar territory). I offered to show him my shot and he said he didn't want to see them. I asked for his name and he refused to give me it, it was no name or no photograph!

    Most interesting encounter and a guy with great style!

    This is the 13th portrait in my 100 Strangers Project round 2.
    Find out more and get involved at

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    1. micahheatwole 78 months ago | reply

      Despite your story of his reluctance he seems to be engaged in the photo. Nice job working with him to get the photo.

    2. The Urban Scot 78 months ago | reply

      Micah Heatwole Thanks Micah - he was happy enough once he agreed, just very reluctant to be named or to see his image. I got the impression he was either influential or well known - who knows!

      Charlottine'sPics - Thank you.

    3. bobdeinphoto 78 months ago | reply

      Interesting that he was so difficult, yet you caught him appearing very happy and at ease. I wonder if he is related to the policeman.

    4. The Urban Scot 78 months ago | reply

      Bob Dein He was such a nice guy, just cagey about being photographed. There were literally scores of police on every corner - it was an intimidating place!

    5. bomvu 78 months ago | reply

      Nailed it as usual. I like the way the red scarf livens the whole thing up.

    6. Steven.D 78 months ago | reply

      Interesting story, and indeed , it is not visible in the portrait. Nice one again (I'm repeating myself). The one detail that is a bit 'disturbing' me is the line between the red scarf and the white background. It seems like the background is fading over in the scarf, which takes away a bit of the depth in the picture. But that is a detail, I like the photograph. The light on his face is great.

    7. drmaccon 78 months ago | reply

      interesting encounter! Love the lighting in this one- adds to the stylish feel. Shame he probably wont get to see the shot!

    8. sheepeck 78 months ago | reply

      Nice capture
      I also should go out soon and try more... :-)

    9. The Urban Scot 78 months ago | reply

      Colin Strain Thanks a lot for checking it out!
      Steven D I agree, he does look pretty chilled and cheerful in the image. Thanks for taking time to look, not sure why there is slight purplish line to the scarf - must have suffered when I tweaked the levels.
      drmaccon Thanks Mark - you coulda been there :)
      Petr Jůza
      Cheers - definitely - get out there :)

    10. RocketDog1170 78 months ago | reply

      So interesting! The "hard sell" and no name but you get such a great result. Cool story!

    11. The Urban Scot 78 months ago | reply

      RocketDog1170 Thanks - he was simply too good to miss out on!

    12. .. maryLou .. 78 months ago | reply

      trust you to find one of the most fashionable streets in the world!!! ;-))

    13. The Urban Scot 78 months ago | reply

      .. maryLou .. lol! It may come as no surprise I had marked it on a map to walk down!!!

    14. irv_b 78 months ago | reply

      Nice clean shot Peter you certainly must have a way with words (in any language). He does seem so at ease in the shot that you have caught his sense of style.

    15. The Urban Scot 78 months ago | reply

      irv_b Thanks a lot - he exuded a charm and style!
      linda davis Totally!

    16. Katie Gwinn 77 months ago | reply

      Really enjoy the lovely expression you captured on his face and the interesting story of the determined photographer achieving success despite multiple obstacles!

    17. The Urban Scot 77 months ago | reply

      Katie Gwinn Thanks a lot, i was really pleased to get the shot, he was a lively gent and I've wondered since if he was perhaps famous hence his mystery about the name!

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