Project 365:2010
I am attempting Project 365. If you are around me when I have my camera, prepare to be a subject! ;^D

By the way, my 365 does not strictly adhere to the guidelines listed in the link below. My goal is 365 shots, of which I am proud, in the calendar year. I'll document my life along the way a bit, but that is not the expressed goal of this project for me.

Instead, I want to use P365 to force me to shoot more and try new technique and angles I may not have tried before. I want it to force me to learn. And, the project is meeting or exceeding my expectations in every way.

So, you will see photos that were obviously shot on the same day/session, but not listed as alternates as is often the case in a standard P365. I started late in the year. I want to get 365 shots in my the end of the year.

I'll do the traditional P365 in 2011.



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