The Grizzly Bear

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    A few days ago I was at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage. I went to the Black Bear compound and not a trail anywhere in the snow in their compound so they were obviously still asleep.

    Went to where the young Grizzly Bear lives who has not Hibernated at all this year. He lives right next to a very large compound where two adult Grizzly Bears live. I expected the Grizzly Bear compound to be free of tails.

    Well, to my surprised, the large male was outside his Den. There was one short trail from his Den to an area he cleared and was sitting in, staring out at the world... almost like he was surveying his area after coming back from a long trip.

    I was the only person there and he turned his head and stared at me... so I took this shot. I'm really happy with this photograph. For whatever reason, it almost looks like I had a flash on his face but it was just a straight forward shot on a nice, sunny day. This photograph 'really' looks better in a larger size. (Just press "L" on your keyboard).

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    3. pugnatrix* 36 months ago | reply


    4. Animalography 36 months ago | reply

      Hi Doug,

      This is just amazing, must have been such a thrill to capture it. It doesn't look like a captive situation at all. It is so interesting that if you can get those moments of just you and the animal alone that these things happen, it's a different dynamic and can give the same thrill of connection as in the wild (well, almost!).

      I love this guy, he is just stunning, I can just sit here and stare at him, the eye contact is just so great.

      I wonder how his tongue compares to Harry?

      Thanks for your great and amusing comment last night. I'm happy to be back in contact. I have not been able to get out with the camera, will be a while yet, worth waiting for. I crave for that extra connection it gives, slowing down for the moment.

      I think we are lucky Doug, the way we can treasure these moments.

      All the best,


    5. randall der 36 months ago | reply

      at least you had a winter!! lucky bear

    6. marciabilyk 36 months ago | reply

      I'm surprised by the size of his eyes. They seem so tiny. Guess they utilize their other senses more. Huge shoulders. Wouldn't want to tangle with him. Fabulous photo. I hope you're considering a wildlife display sometime, somewhere. Or a book of nature photos perhaps?

    7. designstudiodxb 36 months ago | reply

      Another great example of wildlife photography!
      A nice portrait of this Bear...
      Nicely taken with great clarity :)

    8. Cosmos Traveler 36 months ago | reply

      Another nice photo, Doug. You're right about the lighting. It is very well done. It does seem as if he has a particular interest in you which certainly worked to your advantage. You caught a look of concentration and interest in him nicely. Of course he could have been thinking "appetizer".

    9. Spejšal Agent 36 months ago | reply

      Hey Doug, I love it, too and bears one of my favourite subject, you have some cute bear friends in your zoo. And I also notice, how well this photo turned out, lighting on his face is super, great details, fantastic photo! . And you mentioned your bears are still sleeping, hmm you should ask bears how many days of winter they predict :)) , the sure know. Here wild forest life is very active now :) Today is 1st day of spring, yeeey. Still missing some rain, now I can joke we are like desert, very sunny, warm, windy and dusty. Hope we will get some rain. But I don't complain about warm sunny weather, is great, but nature need some water. Cats of course love warm weather, and Luna is fine, too.
      Have a nice day and see you!

    10. SunnyDazzled 36 months ago | reply

      Terrific bear!!

    11. Leona Biskie 36 months ago | reply

      From the thumbnail I thought this was a shot of
      Nicely done Doug

    12. Stephanie Calhoun Photography 36 months ago | reply

      That huge grizzly bear has the littlest beady eyes, I am surprised.
      Great shot and it is well worth pressing L, love it...

    13. Ernesto Uribe 36 months ago | reply

      Fantastic Doug! That eye-contact is great, and also all the fur details. But take care, we want you alive!

    14. unclemojo 36 months ago | reply

      Just amazing, Doug! Your timing is impeccable. You caught him in that fugue state between a long winters nap and full awareness. . Great job!

    15. bananafrog1 36 months ago | reply

      Great shot. I like the look on his face.

    16. calamityjan2008 36 months ago | reply first I thought you had run into a grizz on your daily walks instead of a moose! Nice shot............he looks a bit sad. You had a sunny day? 1st day of Spring and we had snow, hail, rain, dark clouds, tiny bit of sun, tiny bit of blue sky. Sigh. and Winnipeg has 28 degrees.............that's supposed to be our weather!!!

    17. alh1 36 months ago | reply

      What a powerful animal, very confident in his space.

    18. Susan Forrest 36 months ago | reply

      Such a magnificent creature who looks as if he could use a cup of coffee after his long sleep.

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