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Moose Saying "Hello"

This afternoon I was walking through a little 'green belt' not far from our house... I wanted to get Harry out for a walk in the woods since he's been closed in lately due to our horrible weather! I'll spare you the details! :) ("Harry" is a 220-pound brown Newfoundland Dog).


I'm usually very alert in the woods but this was just around our house, in a little wooded area, and I think I wasn't paying attention because out of nowhere this Moose walked right up to me... I'm not sure I've ever had a Moose walk up to me... ever.


It was compounded by Harry being about 10' behind me sniffing the trail. Since Harry is very distracted by smells, like all dogs, I had time to spin around and grab Harry by his collar. Harry went into alert mode but was a very good dog. He did not bark. I think the Moose was too close.


As Harry and I were backing up on the trail, I took this departing shot as the Moose was just standing there. Not a single sign of aggression or fear. I've been in situations like this and was hiding behind trees while the Moose was trying to get me! :)


I don't know if he was ill or whatever. The Moose appeared just fine... but a very calm fellow, especially considering Harry being right there with me. An unusual encounter with a Moose.

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Taken on December 21, 2011