Moose Saying "Hello"

This afternoon I was walking through a little 'green belt' not far from our house... I wanted to get Harry out for a walk in the woods since he's been closed in lately due to our horrible weather! I'll spare you the details! :) ("Harry" is a 220-pound brown Newfoundland Dog).



I'm usually very alert in the woods but this was just around our house, in a little wooded area, and I think I wasn't paying attention because out of nowhere this Moose walked right up to me... I'm not sure I've ever had a Moose walk up to me... ever.


It was compounded by Harry being about 10' behind me sniffing the trail. Since Harry is very distracted by smells, like all dogs, I had time to spin around and grab Harry by his collar. Harry went into alert mode but was a very good dog. He did not bark. I think the Moose was too close.


As Harry and I were backing up on the trail, I took this departing shot as the Moose was just standing there. Not a single sign of aggression or fear. I've been in situations like this and was hiding behind trees while the Moose was trying to get me! :)


I don't know if he was ill or whatever. The Moose appeared just fine... but a very calm fellow, especially considering Harry being right there with me. An unusual encounter with a Moose.

  • Jenn / SunnyDazzled 4y

    I'm glad it was a calm one. Yellowstone is the only place I've seen people standing by moose...and it didn't seem like a great idea to me. Great photo, I love the frosty nose!
  • Dan Hall 4y

    Too close for comfort if you ask me. I didn't notice any blurring from shaking. :)
  • Steve 4y

    Superb capture Doug !!
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
  • Nicola 4y

    Wow, quite the encounter there Doug. You got a great shot of him too, well done. I hope you and your family have an enjoyable Christmas and wish you all the best for 2012 xx
  • Stephanie Calhoun 4y

    What an experience Doug! Nice snap of this beautiful girl.
  • Todd Ryburn 4y

    Wow what a story and what a great photo! This is one of the big pluses of Alaska, you won't get this type of scenery too places.
  • Ernesto Uribe 4y

    Great photo Doug! Beautiful with the snow in his face and that shy look! I love the whole story!
  • Silver Crow in Flight 4y

    Great story Doug....and unflinching dexterity of a shot!!!!!
  • Doug 4y

    Isnt she a pretty girl. Nice shooting
  • Mary Evans 4y

    WOW Doug! Glad to hear it did not charge you and Harry! Wonderful story and departure capture. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Sunny Florida - Love to view snow photos though I don't like the cold. Temp has been in the mid to high 70s here (just the way I like it)
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  • Cosmos Traveler 4y

    I think you must see more moose in a week than I've seen in my entire life, Doug. It must be fantastic to see so much wild life so close to your home. I'm glad that Harry behaved himself and that you both made it out of the encounter with nothing more than a good photo. My "moose knowledge" is tantamount to zero, but from what I've read they can be unpredictable and pretty ornery when they want to. It's good this guy was a peace lover. Maybe he was caught up in the Christmas spirit.
  • Pilar Tischler 4y

    So exciting! Great shot, Great story! I have never seen a moose in my real life.
  • ènfin (verna R) 4y


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    June 2nd, one beautiful day, glorious!
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  • Hmood Al Nasseer 4y

    great to say hello to you but what is come after that :)
  • June Atkin 4y

    A Moose to hold in friendship, calm and kindly.
    Perhaps the Moose knows you from walking by your fence.
    The image is superb, the cold luminosity and the lovely frosting of Moose-nose. Your prose is a joy, Ben Franklin for our times.
  • AtomicMush a.k.a. gary 4y

    "Hello" Ms. Moose...

    I assume this is a female, as there are no antlers present, or maybe a baby. In any case, a Moose is a moose, and would scare the pants off of me if one was standing 20 feet from me with no fence in between!

    I am amazed you were able to squeeze off a few reasonably stable shots before turning to run.

    This one belongs in the book you are going to write in 2012 on Alaska Wildlife.

  • Andrea DiGiulio 3y

    Amazing shot! You always seems to find such awesome creatures on your adventures. :)
  • tommy tui 3y

    love the story and the image
  • Mandy Newport 3y

    This is a great picture! If you would like to share it with another online community, we would love to have it on the Encyclopedia of Life, an online curation. You can join and post to the Encyclopedia of Life Images group on here. We’ll upload it to the online site from there ( Great to put the location if you know it!
  • TRUTH and light, see and/or feel? 2y

    I love the moose in the winter, they are so tame when it gets really cold!
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