• Adobe Connect Professional Add-In - a remnant of an online conference I was part of.
  • Address Book - default OSX address book
  • AirMouse Server - really cool application that allows you to control your Mac with your iPhone.
  • Apple Qadministrator - I have no idea what this does, but it looks important so I haven't deleted it!
  • Apple Qmaster - again, no idea what it does. Too scared to delete it in case my Mac implodes...
  • Audacity - great Open Source sound recorder/editor
  • Automator - comes as standard. Something I've always wanted to play around with but never have.
  • Backup Disabler - allows you to connect your iPhone to your Mac without it automatically backing up.
  • BookSmart - Blurb's program for creating a physical book.
  • Burn - CD/DVD burner
  • Calculator - is this the same one as the one in éxpose? If not, I might delete it...
  • Camtasia - video editing app. Participated in their beta programme so got it free.
  • CamTwist - allows you to stream out what's on your screen to Ustream, Justin.tv, etc.
  • Canon Utilities - for the Canon multifunction printer we've got that I loathe.
  • ccPublisher - allows you to Creative Commons-license your work and host it on archive.org
  • Chess - one of those programs/games you don't delete *just in case*
  • Chicken of the VNC - Macs have VNC servers built in by default (Apple Remote Desktop). This allows me to connect to my brand new-second hand Apple G4 Cube.
  • Coconut Battery - gives useful info on the state of your battery.
  • Color - no idea what this does. Looks important though!
  • Comic Life - great fun app for adding captions to photos.
  • DarwiinRemote - program for enabling a Nintendo Wiimote to control your Mac.
  • Dashboard (default install)
  • Dictionary (default install)
  • Dropbox - auto-syncs my Documents folder with the 'cloud'
  • DVD Player (default install)
  • Evernote - allows you to clip documents/screenshots, etc. direct to Evernote
  • FFmpegX - video transcoder
  • FiieZilla - FTP client (i.e. for putting files on a webserver)
  • Firefox - my web browser of choice before Google Chrome.
  • Flickr Uploadr - a way of getting photos on Flickr quickly and easily.
  • FlickrFaves - a quick-and-dirty method of downloading Flickr photos en-masse.
  • FolderShare - used to use this to sync folders at home/work. Seldom use now.
  • Font Book (default install)
  • Front Row - flashy but I never use it.
  • Gallery Setup - this is probably necessary for a program so I've left it.
  • GarageSale - very impressive eBay listing tool.
  • Gawker - create time-lapse videos (like the one I made recently of us building a snowman!)
  • Google Chrome - my web browser of choice. Lightning fast!
  • Google Earth - a blank canvas of mapping data.
  • Google Notifier - now that I use Google Chrome, I use this to replace the Firefox plugin I used for the same purpose - i.e. checking I have new email.
  • Google Sketchup - great free program for creating 3D buildings, etc.
  • Google VideoUploader - used to use this to upload files to Google Video. Can't do that now so should probably delete!
  • Handbrake - rips DVDs to digital video.
  • iCal - default calendar app. Don't use.
  • iChat - video conferencing & IM app. Use Skype instead.
  • iDVD - DVD authoring tool. Have used once.
  • Image Capture - I tend to use the keyboard shortcuts for this.
  • ImageWell - a great, lightweight image editing app. Good for bloggers.
  • iMovie HD - the original one as I use Camtasia.
  • Inkscape - vector imaging/illustration program. Still haven't figured it out properly.
  • iPhoto - I very rarely use this - prefer Picasa.
  • iPlayer Downloader - great app for downloading programmes from BBC iPlayer!
  • iRed Lite - enables you to use an Apple Remote as a mouse. Useful for Prezi and other presentation tools!
  • iSync - I don't think I've ever used this. Probably important though.
  • iTalk Sync - companion to iTalk on my iPhone. I prefer it to the OS 3.0 Voice Notes app.
  • iTunes - I only use this for syncing to Apple TV and browsing iPhone apps these days.
  • iWork 09 - one of the few bits of software here I've bought - quality.
  • Jing - I've gone Pro with Jing - very useful for screencasts.
  • Journler - don't know what this does - looks like a system thing.
  • KompoZer - Open Source web design tool. Not as powerful as Dreamweaver, etc. but I use Wordpress and other CMS' these days...
  • Last.fm - I've used Last.fm since 2004. Great for finding new artists.
  • Levelator - indispensible free app for ensuring all voices in a recorded conversation are at the same level.
  • LiveQuartz - a new one to me. Mainly use it for adding text to photos, etc.
  • MacJanitor - apparently, because Apple OSX is based on Unix, there's some processes that should be run daily/weekly/monthly that aren't. This cleans everything up!
  • MacTheRipper - rips DVDs to your hard-disk as they are, but without encryption.
  • Magic Pen - use for Wiimote Whiteboard stuff.
  • Mail (default install)
  • MiniUI - dont' know what this is for!
  • Miro - bittorrent and movie app all in one!
  • Monolingual - removes languages that you're not using on your Mac to save GB's of disk space.
  • Movie Tools - plugins, etc. I think
  • OmniDazzle - great for highlighting bits of the screen during screencasts, etc.
  • OpenOffice.org - useful Open Source office suite.
  • Pacifist - I had to use this once for some über-geeky thing. Forgotten now.
  • PeerGuardian - I run this by default. Stops nasty people connection to you (and no, it's not because I pirate stuff - I don't!)
  • Photo Booth - fantastic (default) app for taking photos and videos via webcam.
  • Picasa - my favourite photo editor and organizer. Powerful enough for me!
  • PicLens Publisher - a quick way to produce fancy presentations.
  • Plainview - completely full-screen web-browser. Useful when you're doing screencasts, etc.
  • Preview - default app for previewing PDFs, etc.
  • Processing - powerful Open Source app for creating visualizations and infographics. Haven't got the hang of it yet...
  • PwnageTool - software for jailbreaking iPhones.
  • Quicktime Player (default install)
  • RealPlayer - very easy way to download videos you view online.
  • redsn0w - an alternative way of jailbreaking iPhones.
  • Safari - another web browser for when Firefox and Google Chrome aren't enough!
  • Seashore - Open Source image editing app. Useful but sucky when it comes to adding text.
  • Skype - Voice Over IP program. Useful for video conferencing and chatting - especially with people in foreign countries - for free.
  • Soundflowerbed - allows you to turn your sound output to an input. Good for streaming stuff out over the internet.
  • Sports Interactive - the people who make Football Manager 2010. Haven't played it for a few weeks, but I still love it. :-)
  • Spotify - I've ditched all my MP3s and CDs and gone streaming-only now for music. I pay Spotify £9.99 for music everywhere. Great stuff. :-)
  • Stickies - Potentially useful 'stick note' app. - but I never use it!
  • StuffIt - expands zipped and compressed archives/folders.
  • Default SysPrefs
  • TextEdit (default install)
  • Time Machine - backs up my data to my Apple Time Capsule. Sometimes plays silly beggars.
  • Transmission - nice-looking bittorrent app. I use it for legitimate downloads like Linux ISOs.
  • TrueCrypt - cryptography program for when I'm feeling paranoid about my data (not very often!)
  • TweetDeck - my desktop Twitter app. of choice.
  • Utilities (default install)
  • VideoMonkey - great program for transcoding videos to AppleTV-friendly format.
  • VirtualBox - Open Source virtualization program so I can try out Linux distros on my Macbook Pro.
  • VLC - plays every type of video and audio file ever.
  • WiimoteWhiteboard - another one that's a legacy from my Wiimote Whiteboard project.
  • XMind - fantastic mindmap tool - create offline and then publish online. Open Source too!
  • Zattoo - watch TV on your Mac!

OSX apps I currently use (January 2010)

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I use some of these a lot more than others...

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  1. mdotwills 64 months ago | reply

    Looks interesting, appreciated.

  2. Tobias.D 63 months ago | reply

    Nice! I have a question for you. I see you use Handbrake, but how do you get around the DVD-copy protection? I've heard you can fix this with VLC but It didn't work on my PC, is it different from the mac version?
    Thanks in advance!

  3. dougbelshaw 63 months ago | reply

    I use MacTheRipper on my Macbook Pro to get past copy protection. :-)

  4. Tobias.D 63 months ago | reply

    Okey, thanks! Is it any good and free?

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