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The Seventies - Various

The theme this past week for the MacroMondays group was "The Seventies" which had me pulling out items we have not used or played with in a while.


So we got to play with some stuff we haven't had out in a while - including the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, Lava Lamp and Disco Mirror Ball.


(Did you know that Disco was the reason the Chicago White Sox forfeited a game in the 70's? During a double-header, between games the team featured a "I hate disco" event where folks brought in disco records that were piled in the center outfield and then blown up. It created such a mess that they had to forfeit the second game of the double-header due to field conditions! At least that is what I remember, the year of Richie Zisk, Harold Bannister, and company, and the ever present Harry "Hoooly Cow" Carey)


Also included a "groovy" cotton shirt similar to one my "hip" 8th grade science teacher used to wear, and a rainbow belt that represents the rainbow coalition of Jesse Jackson, and a dog tag to commemorate the Vietnam War that ended shortly after my family returned from overseas... I believe Nixon resigned just a week after we arrived...!


As always, thanks for your visits, your comments and your faves! Now.... go do the "Hustle!"

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Taken on August 21, 2011