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1. My name is Dennis Allen...from the Greek God Dionysus...the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology..Don't laugh. I am the only one in my family without a Cuban name. I always felt left out but my parents told me they did it on purpose so I wouldn't be discriminated against for being latin. I still feel jipped...

2. I live with my best friend who I have known since I was 4...yes I am a strong believer in friendship and I am VERY loyal. I am lazy in relationships but if you are my friend you are stuck with me till YOU say so. Again, I am VERY loyal.

3. I sleep with all my clothes on. Have been doing so since I was a kid. My grandma says I talked to spirits and "aliens" and I slept in my clothes and shoes so that when they came for me in the night I would be dressed.....don't ask..

4. I live in New York and although I should love it, I don't. Still trying to make peace with my fate by being here.

5. I am scared of the oceans because I have had dreams of tidal wave disasters since I was a kid...still I only find peace when I am living by one..

6. My favorite foods are breads and beans...

7. I love rainstorms and very very cold sheets when I sleep. I hate warm sheets like flannel or silk...yuk

8. I only read non fictions like new age mumbo jumbo and celebrity biographies

9. I hate dating. I am sure I will never do it again.

10. I think the only way you will find peace in the world is when you make peace with yourself.

11. My favourite colors are greens and turquoises

12. Making friends is very easy for me. Keeping them is not.

13. I never cared about getting old. I only cared about being ugly. When I grew up I realized "ugly" is subjective.

14. I realize dolls are my escape ad my passion. When I am social I ignore them. When I feel lonley and introverted, I buy more and more dolls.

15. My personality can be described in one word: oxymoron.

16. I lovvvveee Disney but I cant say I love any of their characters more than Don Bluth or Rankin/Bass. Sorry but I am all about Mrs. Jonathan Brisby!

17. Barbra Streisand is my hero

18. I'm obsessed with making dolls.

19. I always look at peoples hands. If they have weird or ugly hands I cut off all ties. If they have nice hands I have a crush on them immediately. It is a crush-breaker or maker.

20. One of my guilty pleasures is Veganaise. I eat it on everything. It's not any less fattening than mayonnaise but don't tell my waist that...

21. Classical music one of my favourite musics. I work best listening to it and it reminds me of my mom.

22. I am a dreamer and not a do-er. And I spend all my time being angry at myself for it instead of doing something about it...but then..I am not a do-er...

23. I wear weird and ugly clothes on purpose. I have spent too much time caring bout what I wear. Now I wear ugly clothes on purpose

24. I have no doubt AT ALL that I will be successful. Still waiting to make it come true

25. I am 33 and can still bend backwards and touch my feet to my head :D

26. When I was sad I used to write poetry. Now I just ignore it.....since I am usually sad :D

27. My favorite number is 11...ever since I read the book by Solara 11:11


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Taken on February 17, 2011