Vegas, Baby! Feb 2009
Quick trip for my birthday, too quick. Only two days. I was trying to hold off on taking too many photos with the exception of the Neon Boneyard because i forgot to bring my charger. I realize now i would have been fine, the battery didnt go down at all. Such is life.

GLAM photo featured on the flickr blog:

04.04.09 Note to all that visited:
I was going to wait till later today but I cannot hold this in any longer.

I wanted to thank everyone for stopping in, adding to faves, and commenting .. the flickr blog response has been overwhelming and humbling. I am so grateful to everyone that took time to not only look at my Vegas set but at the rest of my photostream.

You have all been so generous.

I had thought for a time last night about offering some of my prints for sale but I was reminded by an offer to buy one that the Boneyard makes you sign a waiver before going on the tour stating that you will not sell any of the photos you take. You have to have special permission. I did sign because, honestly, until now the thought had never crossed my mind.

Anything else, that isn't from the Neon Boneyard, can be purchased. For now, feel free to email me. I will let you know when I post onto my etsy shop.

Again, Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

Please visit the Neon Boneyard website if you plan to visit Vegas and would like to tour the Boneyard. All contributions go directly to improving and expanding this amazing historic landmark:

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