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[Check out my Red Baron Set for more pictures and links to videos.]


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He's ba-ack! The further adventures of my crazed red squirrel, who I've named the Red Baron. He's getting used to me so he let me approach within a few feet to get this shot.


Surprisingly, he stayed put for at least five minutes. Usually, he's chasing all over the place, keeping his seeds safe from the birds. As you can see from the mosaic below, he has a large territory to patrol.


I have some video clips of the Red Baron. Here are links to the first two.


The first one shows him digging up and burying nuts in a flower pot. I love the way he pats down the dirt with his paws. Check out his dirty face. :-)


In the second one, he chases off a magpie that's three times his size. Undaunted by his lack of wings, he refuses to give up the hunt even when the magpie flies up to the roof of the garage.

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Taken on January 3, 2007