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177/365 but it's a dry heat

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A little look back in time. 19 years ago today, I bought the newspaper because Phoenix had set an all time record high of 120 degrees on June 25th, 1990. Turns out that June 26, 1990 was two degrees hotter at 122 degrees, so my commemorative newspaper displays a record high that lasted a mere 24 hours. It wasn't nearly as hot today here, but I remember the record-setting day quite well.

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  1. saguarosally 69 months ago | reply

    Just about a year before I moved to Arizona. Can't believe I've been here just shy of 19 years.

  2. dorsalfin 69 months ago | reply

    You beat us, Jack. It was only 105 here today which is actually below normal. =) Glad it wasn't 122!
    This was during my first summer back in the valley, so it made it quite memorable.

  3. djdphotos 69 months ago | reply

    that's pretty hot... i was in vegas a few years ago when the temp hit 114 and i have never experienced anything like it... you literally have trouble breathing in that kind of heat.

  4. Sarida 69 months ago | reply

    That was the year before my hubby & I moved out here from MA. I wanted warmer weather, but was hoping it wouldn't be THAT warm!! Now I'm so used to it that 60 feels cold, when it used to be swimsuit weather!! LOL

  5. MarkNKL 69 months ago | reply

    50 Degrees Celcius! Thats ridiculous, like walking into a wall of heat I expect

  6. arizonarepublic 69 months ago | reply

    Nice post. James, I'm curious as to who took the photo. What does the byline say? That's every photog's dreaded assignment. Hot weather is hard to shoot because 110 degrees doesn't look much different than 99 and we try not to overdo pictures of kids playing in water. I bet the photog had a lot of fun finding that image :)

    ---Pat Shannahan/ AZR

  7. dorsalfin 69 months ago | reply

    Our highest temp of the summer is usually in the 114-118 range. Last year, Father's Day was the highest at 115. We get used to it - and everything you do in the summer is either inside with AC on or in the pool.
    I know it! It's sad that it feels "cool" when the temp drops below 100.
    Yeah, it certainly is a scorcher sometimes. The highs have been "reasonable" lately at around 105 or so.
    Thanks Pat. The photo was taken by Gary Ulik and the byline for the photo says, "Cindy Gold cools off her son, Patrick, as they wait in 119-degree heat for the start of a circus parade up 15th Avenue to Veteran's Memorial Coliseum".

  8. dorsalfin 69 months ago | reply

    Also, the paper states that the Dow Jones closed at 2845.05 that day, annual yields for 6-month CDs were 8.46%, a Chase home equity loan was available at a great rate of 11.50%, crude oil was $17.38 a barrel, and a PC with an Intel 386 @ 25 Mhz was on sale for the low low price of $2288.

    Oh how times change.

  9. saguarosally 69 months ago | reply

    Well, the Dow isn't much higher ;)

  10. arizonarepublic 69 months ago | reply

    I told my boss about your post, and he said he had the front page on the day it hit 122. He thinks it was of a guy wetting down his shirt and putting it on his head. He also said it was hard to find anything to shoot because there was no one outside to photograph.


  11. dorsalfin 69 months ago | reply

    Well, I'm certainly glad it did not dip that low!
    At the time, I was tempted to go back and get the paper the next day too, but decided against it since it was too darn hot. I wish I had now.

  12. *Eyes* 69 months ago | reply

    WOW!! NO kidding! Really!!?? I had hard time shooting in 95 degrees over the weekend and I cant even imagine myself surviving in 122 degrees :) I guess the worst day so far for me was 107, and that was in Phoenix three years ago!!

  13. dorsalfin 69 months ago | reply

    Sure thing! And I was here for a near-record 121 degrees in 1995 and several other 118 degree days here too. It was only 111 degrees yesterday, so not too hot yet this year. ;)

  14. Dutile Photography [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

    Oh the heat has been oppressive lately. just throw me in the AC!

  15. Ned (gr8sublime) 69 months ago | reply

    Just about a year after I left, lol. Although I do remember a day around 118 the year before. Now that the sun spots have diminished so has the temperature. A much more accurate correlation than other more PC notions.

  16. dorsalfin 69 months ago | reply

    But now we get some humidity with the monsoon too!
    1990 was the first year I was back here. I know 1989 was a very very hot summer with a lot of records broken, so I don't envy you for being here then.

  17. ptwiz1~On and Off 68 months ago | reply

    I remember it well!! The A/C at our office quit. Try finding a repairman when half the city's A/C's don't work. I have a T-Shirt somewhere commemorating the day. (I lived in Phoenix from 1985-1994)

  18. CircleStone 68 months ago | reply

    I was here in Phoenix the day it got to 122. I guess I was also here the day before that, too. I remember it very well! I had just graduated from high school earlier that month. I remember riding my bicycle outside, while my brother was playing basketball in the driveway. What were we thinking??? BTW, it's supposed to get to 115 here in Phx today. This time I think I'll stay inside.

  19. dorsalfin 68 months ago | reply

    A shirt! Cool, I wish I had one.
    CircleStone That was one crazy day! Yeah, 114 today... Would be nice to get back to "normal"... at 107. =O

  20. Joeyla91601 31 months ago | reply

    I was living there late july 1995 when it hit 121 it was no picnic

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