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Just keep looking dear.... | by Janette & Jack,on and off
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Just keep looking dear....

A front and back view of this gorgeous little bird.


The Double-barred Finch is one of the long-tailed grass-finches and is notable for its 'owl-faced' features, having a white face bordered black. It is grey-brown, with white underparts banded black above and below the chest, giving the species its name. The wings are black, spotted white, the tail is black and the bill and legs are blueish-grey. Juveniles are dulller, with indistinct chest bars. These grass-finches usually feed in flocks and have a bouncing, undulating flight pattern.


The Double-barred Finch prefers dry grassy woodlands and scrublands, open forests and farmlands. It is never far from water.


The Double-barred Finch builds a rounded nest, with a side entrance and short tunnel into a inner chamber lined with fine grass, feathers and plant down. The nest is placed between 1 m to 5 m from the ground in pandanus or thick shrubs, or even in the eaves of a building, often close to an active wasps' nest. Both parents incubate and feed the young. (Birds in Backyards).

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Taken on March 18, 2012