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Grady Closeup

Grady Closeup A good subject But for one paw... Grady relaxed Grady alert Grady keeping a low profile Grady on shelf What's up, old man? Grady on the Deck Grady undecided Should I attack? Belly twist Heads up, Grady ! Grady Look Up Grady at the PC Our 'new kid in town', Grady Kitty Collage Grady Hanging Out Grady at the Beach Is it Curfew Yet?

Grady came to live with us in March 2008. My husband spotted him at the shelter, and decided that 'this is the one!' A month earlier, our sweet kitty Tom had disappeared, and we wanted a new kitty to add to our feline family. Grady is a sweet natured cat with an easygoing disposition. He enjoys greeting and socializing with new people

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Fimeli says:

I like Grady and your photos are very well done!
Posted 107 months ago. ( permalink )

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