just so true

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    1. FuntimeBen ages ago | reply

      Is The best an adjective?

    2. sarasco ages ago | reply

      vigorous? is that a word confined to the mormon world like how auspicious is only found in translations from chinese to english? exotic...aren't you from a state with more than its share of nascar fans?

    3. Snickrsnack Katie ages ago | reply

      What kind of name is Candra?

    4. emilym ages ago | reply

      They forgot LAME, and MORMON. :)

    5. philmiller ages ago | reply

      wow i thought my high school experience was bad.

    6. twobaddogs ages ago | reply

      FuntimeBen is on the right track -- all of those words are adjectives! Which adjective describes the yearbook advisor? Illiterate?

    7. Shauna ages ago | reply

      wow! people really ARE called Chad?! there's a name just begging for a revival!

    8. Milfanie ages ago | reply

      Exotic? With the Mormon underwear, how exotic could you have been?

    9. kalisah ages ago | reply

      they forgot "REDNECK"

    10. Danikabur ages ago | reply

      Its better if you add in bed to all the adjectives.

    11. alic0re ages ago | reply

      ...Danika, you made me laugh. Snort, actually. At any rate, my coworkers peered over the top of my cubicle to see why I had suddenly turned into piglaugh.

      Also, how vigorous can someone named TOBY really be? Toby is the name of a bassett hound, not a person.

    12. Sarah Brown ages ago | reply

      Who is this Vigorous Toby and how can I get ahold of him now?

    13. Kyle Ridolfo [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Sounds like they just barely came up with ten.

    14. Snickrsnack Katie ages ago | reply

      How can a freakin' class be exotic? When I think of high school, the last thing I think of is "exotic". Erotic... maybe.

    15. Snickrsnack Katie ages ago | reply

      You know I just realized that the adjectives were explaining the class as a whole and not the individual next to the word. Doh.

    16. Myfanwy ages ago | reply

      For one glorious moment, I thought word number six was randy.

    17. Chickey [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I'm with Katie -- "exotic"? Naked Hawaiian ladies at a sunset luau are exotic, not high school seniors from Tennessee.

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