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    1. ashglunk13 88 months ago | reply

      we fishsat a neighbor's betta once. I was highly amused by holding a mirror up to him and watching him puff up and try and fight himself...all the while talking trash to encourage him in the background.

    2. Saellys 88 months ago | reply

      He looks just like my betta (uncreatively named Blue)!

      His fins look a little ragged; that often happens in stressed out fish. I recommend picking up some MelaFix. Ten drops to a gallon will do nicely, and it augments the fish's natural protective coating, gets rid of infection and fungus, and calms them down considerably. And one bottle of the stuff lasts ages.

    3. Free To Go 88 months ago | reply

      The fish story and the rottweiler story are so wonderful. How could anyone not think you and Jon and Leta and Chuck (and Lou) are the perfect American family? You brighten the day for all of us.

    4. LanaGee 88 months ago | reply

      BlueLou = Blou. LOL How much good advice you got on fishy care from your readers! Enjoy the little blue guy.

    5. jgsearls 88 months ago | reply

      Hello Lou.

      My husband boiled his fish too. For the exact same reason. Killed the next set when he fed them milk because his mom had told him it was good for you.

    6. StormyNights 88 months ago | reply

      OMG. Is that a wine cooler bottle??? Cool!

    7. minxlj 88 months ago | reply

      Saellys, I think you're right. Although I'm not surprised the fish would be stressed out, being left in the freezing cold by people??!!!!

    8. Lana_ 88 months ago | reply

      I've been told that my mum, upon seeing the tank empty, asked me where the fish were. I pulled back my blanket and there they were lined up in a row. I was worried they would be cold. Poor buggers. Probably a worse death than a bowl of warm water.

    9. E. E. Piphanies 88 months ago | reply

      One of those bit me once.

    10. Kungfukitten 88 months ago | reply

      I saw that and thought, gee I'm thirsty. Maybe you need a sticker that says "Please do not drink Lou." put on there. He looks like a little blue ice cube in a sparkling decanter of water.

    11. digitalpretzel 88 months ago | reply

      i never had much luck with fish.

      Dead Fish

    12. Jenn C. 88 months ago | reply

      He's quite handsome. Welcome to the Blurbodoocery, Lou!

    13. wildefrost2 88 months ago | reply

      I have 8 Bettas. Never get 8 Bettas.

    14. thinkroni 88 months ago | reply

      heather, you have to look at this picture and see all the shit i have taken from one flickr person about my betta fish. watch out, she will come after you next.


    15. smcgee 88 months ago | reply

      thinkroni, I was just thinking of your story... and wondering how much hate mail Heather may get along the same lines.

    16. sparkgrrl658 88 months ago | reply

      thinkroni & smcgee, i read the story about lou and without thinking shot off an email to heather that was seriously like, 2 lines with a couple fish tips, not even betta specific. afterwards i thought 'what was i thinking? she's probably already sorting through eighty billion hate mails from betta activists and surely my helpful hints will be lost'

      people really have nothing better to do huh.

    17. Random and Odd 88 months ago | reply

      My son was cleaning the bowl complaining how much he hated doing it so after he was done we went to the pet store and bought a filtering system.
      When we got home he was floating.
      I grabbed the bowl in tears and it was HOT! he didn't make the water room temp. and it boiled him.

      I went out and sadly bought another one and name it "Two". He pulled a Finding Nemo and got stuck in the filtering system a week later.

      I don't own fish anymore.

    18. lola goetz 88 months ago | reply

      i had two bettas, flotsam & jetsam. jetsam would try to jump out of the bowl when i would feed him. i could hold the food over him & he would try to get it. it freaked me out the first time, as i was just slow in letting go of the pellets.

      had them for a few years before they finally keeled over.

    19. mon petit fromage 88 months ago | reply

      Wake up FISHY! WAKE UP!

    20. Miss Shari 76 months ago | reply

      With all the recent photos of Coco-the-new-pet, I got to wondering: Whatever became of Lou? (Did I miss a sad post? Did a fine mist of Awkward Moment just fill the room?)

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