• oh my goodness... you still have it. i'll need to flex my needle again soon. xox h - heather


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  1. c.stan 64 months ago | reply

    Oh Heather, the LETA letters really do match well with her room! I'm so glad she likes them!

  2. Wattyz 64 months ago | reply

    love it at work when kids are just standing there letting their kids climb it, like it's a jungle gym...one guy even helped his kid climb it. WHY?

  3. valeriedoucette 64 months ago | reply

    can I ask where you got those boxes to fill the shelves? I have the same unit and did not like the plastic boxes IKEA offered as default.

  4. RzDrms 64 months ago | reply

    i personally think it's bordering on abuse how you don't provide the poor kid with any books.

  5. Valancy Jane 64 months ago | reply

    I also have that bookcase in black/brown and I adore it. I got the smaller one for my baby.
    They're all that stand between me and chaos.

  6. Wattyz 64 months ago | reply

    BTW, it looks beautiful! I wish I could get it to stay like that if I ever got one....

  7. dampscribbler 64 months ago | reply

    Where can I get one of those learning clocks?!?

  8. simplyred 64 months ago | reply

    What brand is this shelving unit ? I can't seem to find it on IKEA's website.

  9. shellipsm 64 months ago | reply

    ok, but I WILL say... One day I came home from kindergarten, and my LOVIE WAS GONE. I STILL hold that one over my parents heads. And promptly send them my therapy receipts.

    You know, I'm just saying...

  10. kjl3694 64 months ago | reply

    I too need to know where you got that clock the one your keeping next to the lotion

  11. thejacksons 64 months ago | reply

    I was wondering why I didn't remember making that cross stitch... ha!

  12. claire + lila + aidan 64 months ago | reply

    Love those shelves! My girls have a clock like Leta's, and it came from Walmart. :) The only down-side to it is the magnets are exposed on the back... so not good for the baby set.

  13. Deirdre Jean 64 months ago | reply

    I love to see that Horton Hears a Who Game up on the shelf! :)

  14. solaana 64 months ago | reply

    Look at all those books. Awesome. (And kind of jealous that she's got so many good books yet to read! Because I'm a nerd!)

  15. heather 64 months ago | reply

    julie, don't tell heather it was me retooling one of your "homo sweet homo" kits. she doesn't need to know. ;)

  16. zeghsy 64 months ago | reply

    i'd need a bigger house to fit the amount of expedit shelving units i need. but i so want them. i <3 ikea.

  17. Joeythegirl 64 months ago | reply

    I bought the 5X5 Expedit in brown black for our living room and went back the next weekend and bought 2 more (4X4) for the office and craft room which we're now changing into a nursery (YAY)! I love these shelves, glad to see it's working great for you and Leta.

  18. show lush 64 months ago | reply

    I recently used a couple of sets of those "net" Christmas lights to make a web to hang on the wall behind mine. I love the way the white picks up the colors. It looks as if each square is a different color.

  19. yank ajaxer 63 months ago | reply

    I love the idea of the baskets on top. You are welcome to write an interior design book anytime! :)

  20. Silent Streams 62 months ago | reply

    inspirational !

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