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    1. steve n sheila 109 months ago | reply

      Costello: I'm not asking you who's second coming.
      Abbott: Who's coming first.
      Costello: I don't know.
      Abbott: He's coming third, we're not talking about him.

    2. Lifthrasil 109 months ago | reply

      Oh my... please do not tell me that this booklet is for real...

    3. Jessie C. Bonisteel 109 months ago | reply

      by the look of that chick on the cover, she hasn't even experienced her first coming. ba zing!

    4. samanthajo 109 months ago | reply

      See, to me, this looks like a young Reece Witherspoon. Not that that makes it more/less creepy or anything.

      So it's for teenagers. I'll bet all the 12 year olds are just TWITCHING to be old enought to bust open this bad boy!

    5. Britt S. Baker 109 months ago | reply

      Have a look at the other books by Roger McKenzie @ Amazon. This guy knows his stuff!

    6. Severenuk 109 months ago | reply

      Claire Danes really needs to get a new agent.

    7. James John Malcolm 109 months ago | reply


    8. madrid1979 109 months ago | reply

      More evidence regarding the overuse of the word AWESOME in the daily vernacular of the common Mormonite!!!

      Remember me?
      Comment #59

      Do unto Mormons as they do unto others; go door-to-door and hand out thesauruses.

    9. shanntastic 109 months ago | reply

      i vote for totally WICKED awesome, that's a nearly unheard of level of awesomeness, commensurrate with His Awesomeness himself

    10. Sebastian Niedlich (Grabthar) 109 months ago | reply

      Alright, saw this on the explore page and it cracked me up. I wish I had a good scan of that. It might make a good photoshopping source. ;-)

    11. betsymartian 109 months ago | reply

      surely it's a sin to think about the second coming whilst gazing at the sky like that.

      impure thoughts or something.

    12. poorusher 109 months ago | reply

      I thought we'd had the second coming over 2000 years ago. I'm onto the third, and I haven't even had lunch yet.

    13. betsymartian 109 months ago | reply

      well that's just greedy

    14. unbound67 [deleted] 109 months ago | reply

      I have nothing to wear.

    15. Funny192 109 months ago | reply

      I can't stop laughing after reading all of the comments and your entry :-)

    16. carljohnson 108 months ago | reply

      This easily makes it into the Top 25 of Weird Mormon Crap. (I'd love to say it makes the Top 10, but there's just too much WMC out there.)

    17. Kevbo 107 months ago | reply

      Scene from the Second Coming: "OMG! Nooo Waaay! We're both wearing Prada!!" *squeeeeeee* "And your Choos are fab--u-lous!" *hugs* "You totally read the book, right? Cuz I totally did! OMG! We both read it!" *gigglez* "Text me when you see Jesus! He's hawt!! Totally swim team bod!"

    18. lennyp 106 months ago | reply

      You've got to be kidding.......There is guide for that? If she doesn't use the guide she apt to have many more!

    19. Brian Sawyer 98 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Religious Tracts, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    20. Emellebe 80 months ago | reply

      This is accurate.

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