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gratitude wallpaper_16:9 | by dontstealmypen
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gratitude wallpaper_16:9

Aspect ratio: 2560 x 1440_widescreen


i ♥ chalkboards_always have! I love the playful, random, graffiti look of chalkboards. In school, I used to ask my teachers if I could stay in for recess and play on the chalkboard. Now that I think about it, it was like tweeting in chalk & the more the merrier! Gratitude just seemed like a good general topic for a screen saver and a good thing to think about to start the new year. :)


Challenge: Beyond Layers_Wk #50_4 jan 2013_Desktop Wallpaper Challenge


Image Adjustments:

• file_new_system pref_displays_image size_2560 x 1440 px_res 72 pixels per inch (ppi}_RGB color_8bit_bkgd white


Layer Adjustments:

• ① kk chalkmagic_col bal_red -27_grn +53_blue+19_hue/sat_h-28_s-31_L+25

• clone_soft rd_normal 100% opac_100%flow_aligned_all layers_clone out dark patches_switch to hard rd brush_clone out blurry patches_switch to soft rd_clone to blend_normal_85% opac_85%flow

• new layer_text_font_JohnLennon_Today's Assignment_reg_56pt_crisp_default white

• new layer2_hard rd_pencil_9pt_normal 100%opac_draw line under Today's Assignment

• new layer_text_font_JL_How Do You Show_font_chalk-hand-lettering-shaded-dem_Gratitude

• new layer_text_font_handmade apples_"?" (question mark in title >Gratitude)


Continued adding new layers...

• new layers_dsmp doodles_pencil_hard rd_5pt

• smudge tool to create smears

• new layers_text_used the fonts listed below...



• homemade apples by Font Diner_(question mark "?")_gratitude is acknowleding the people_fontspace


• chalk-hand-lettering-shaded-dem by Fonts Cafe_(in title_Gratitude)_fontspace


• TEN O CLOCK_by CloutierFontes_Gratitude is sending a birthday card_fontspace


• Sixties_by CloutierFontes_Gratitude (is reciprocating...)_fontspace


• Schoolbell_by Font Diner_gratitude is telling someone how much they mean to you_fontspace


• homework (smart)_by Colorful Typhoon_Gratitude is writing a thank-you note_fontspace


• ClassProject NBP_by Total FontGeek_Gratitude = actions_fontspace


• JohnLennon_by Analia Wainer_Today's Assignment_share your thoughts_Extra credit_fontspace




• chalkduster_system font_Mac OS X 10.5_gratitude means helping out in times of need


• Pea Elle_by Fonts for Peas_gratitude is when someone does something nice for you_gratitude means doing something to show your appreciation_Kevin & Amanda


• Pea Sugar Noodles_by Fonts for Peas_gratitude is doing the right thing_Kevin & Amanda


• Schoohouse CursiveB_system font?_Mac OS X 10.5_Gratitude is giving back


• The girl next door_by Kimberly Geswein_"There is no duty" ~Cicero_dafont


• Original Olinda Style_by João Paulo Angelina_A Wise Man Once Said_dafont


• DK Crayon Crumble_by David Kerkhoff_is reciprocating when it's your turn_Gratitude is letting someone know when their gift has arrived_dont cheap out_fontspace


Fontspace_free downloads


Fonts for Peas_Kevin & Amanda_free downloads


dafont_free downloads


Kim Klassen_Beyond Layers


Done in PS CS3

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Taken on January 6, 2013