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1973 - James Blunt



I've been tagged so many times to do this tag, so I thought I'd go along with it already.


Ten Things I Wish I Could Say To People:

1. You are amazing. I swear. The amount of fun I have with you is so damn awesome. Dang, I wish you'd never leave me. Ever. I have no idea what I'm going to do next year. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go back to my usual boring self. I wish you could stay right here, with me. Either that.. or we could be sisters :) People say that you're not good for me; that I've changed once you came. I know I've changed. Damn, I've changed so much! All this while, I was so dull and melancholy. But now, its like every time I'm with you, I keep on laughing at our silliness and the stupid stupid STUPID stuff that we do. Dammit, I'm so happy these days whenever I'm with you. But when I reach home, I'm alone. It's like the same old boring me has come back. I wish you could stay. I wish it so badly. <3

2. I hate you. From the bottom of my heart, I do. So much, for doing what you did to her. I wish you'd never had done it.

3. You've changed so much that I don't know what to say to you anymore. You've become this entirely different person. If I could say something to you right now, If I had the courage to do so, I'd tell you that I wanted the old you back. I don't much like the new you, to be honest. I loved you. Still do, but I'm not sure if its still the same. I want the Real you back. <3

4. I wish you'd never keep so many secrets from me. I've had enough and more of secrets in my life. Everyone keeps them and I hate that. We're so close to each other, so close, and still you don't want to tell me these few tiny conversations. Please don't act as if it never happened. I hate it when you do that. Just hate it. I want to say this to you almost everyday. But can I?

5. You're different, I can see that. And I like how you are now. You've become sweeter and more compassionate than you were. I wonder what brought the change in you. You've been through so much and I never ever realized that. I'm sorry for whatever I've been doing, but you've got to know, that I'm trying. I'm trying so bad. I can be forgetful and careless sometimes, but nobody's perfect right. You're perfect right now to me. You can be a bit bossy and all sometimes, but yeah I still love you.

6. Why in the world don't you understand that I don't want any relationships? I'm never going to get married. Try to understand that. I don't want to fall in love because all it brings is stupidity. Maybe I believe in it, but so freaking what?! I don't want love. I don't want to get married and I don't want any relationships at the moment, you stupid idiot! Try and chew on that!

7. You guys are wonderful, every single one of you. I love you all for being there for me in each and every single thing <3



I'm sorry, I can think of only 7 things at the moment!

Maybe I'll add some more later. Let see.

An I'll get back to your streams tonight!

Love you guys! <3


Rant: I nnneeeeddd new sooonnnngggsss! Slow ones preferably :)

Ps. The title, is a song, go checky!

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