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One Of A Kind | by ℕikita Gupta
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One Of A Kind



This is for my very very VERY VERY special friend, Nikita Lobo. Yup same name, what can we do?! Haha :D

We are one one of a kinda pair guys. Seriously So different in so many ways, yet so same at the exact time! :D This is one friendship I do NOT want to leave.

But she's going next year..

Still, whats one year eh?! (I'm probably going to go to the place she's going in an year or two too! *fingers crossed!*) Haha :D Dang, I'm goina cry when she leaves.

But no worries, thats only in 4-5 months more. Its going be fine! :)


Anyways anyways.

You guys are simply amazing. I've been getting so many views and comments and friend requests and what other not from so many of you guys. Dang.

I'mm sorry I cannot catch up with your streams at the moment. But I'll do the best I can.

Be sure to know that I love you guys. And I will, yes I will stalk your streams. And don't you forget it!


I'm probably going to tag the whole world on this one. So.. If you weren't tagged, that just means that I'm in a hurry, babe/dude. Tag yourselves if you wanna. Go on!


You all are special to someone or the other. Yes, you are.


<3 to all of you.

Cheers! :D


Ps. That "spark" kinda thing in the middle is real. It was a seed kinda thing that I caught at school and held it in my hand all the way till my house in the hopes of capturing something :D Well, how'd you like what I came up with?!?! :D


PPs.. WHAAATT???! 4,000 views in one WEEK?! Gah. You guys are caarraaazzzyyy! <3333333333333

And I'm a thousand times crazier than you. So its okay. :D

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Taken on December 5, 2011