• That's the only color it doesn't seem to suck in. :P - 'Clashy
  • love this head. - Karf Oohlu
  • Love this in this color! - Doodle-Zook
  • This is neat, but I wish Lego wouldn't put so much detail on their facial expressions. For me, a big part of the humor and appeal of the mini-figs is their simplicity. - j_pidgeon
  • I hate how they over-used this head (or at least, it's yellow counterpart) - JimmytheJ
  • Nice way of attaching. - JimmytheJ
  • Makes makes this head so perfect is that gold tooth. - Sir Nadroj
  • dido - Wafflebottom
  • i love this knife! - Wafflebottom
  • I think you mean Ditto... not Dido, as in the singer. - JimmytheJ
  • RAD!!!! - kansaslane

Ice Planet Special Forces

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It's been a decade and a half since the ice planet Krysto was found, and the explorers have come to realize they weren't prepared for all the dangers of this frozen world. Thus, a Special Forces unit was created to counter any would be attackers and hostile adversaries.

Really I just wanted to make some figs for the bitchin Brickarms Prototypes I picked up at BrickCon - and IP2K2 was one of my favorite themes as a kid and it deserves an update. Also the perfect excuse to throw my sand blue, white, & bley scheme somewhere it fits. :D

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  1. нawк 79 months ago | reply

    Recreating old themes ftw!

  2. [Carter] 79 months ago | reply

    And it's the perfect excuse to use sand blue, too!

  3. ZAND3R 79 months ago | reply

    i wonder if the game Lost Planet may have been inspired by IP2K2 at all....

  4. Collin Harvey 79 months ago | reply

    That's a badass idea. I don't have any trans-orange knives, unfortunately, but I'd love to contribute to this theme.

  5. NIRDIAN 79 months ago | reply

    Wow, awesome modern adaption/revamp/whatev. of one of the most awesome LEGO space series ever (after rock raiders)!

  6. ⣫⣤⣇⣤ 79 months ago | reply

    Rock Raiders? Are you serious? lol

  7. Dunechaser 79 months ago | reply

    ^ Rock raiders wasn't sooo bad -- at least from a minifig perspective.

    These are great.

  8. NihsXela [deleted] 79 months ago | reply

    ^ Rock Raiders is a space series?

  9. ⣫⣤⣇⣤ 79 months ago | reply

    I'm not saying Rock Raiders was necessarily horrible, but it certainly wasn't space and it doesn't come close to eclipsing Ice Planet is all. ;)

  10. Collin Harvey 79 months ago | reply

    "Eclipsing Ice Planet..." O SNAP! *rimshot*

  11. Darth Gundam 79 months ago | reply

    You guys are nuts it's Blacktron I, THEN Ice Planet, and then Rock Raiders...

  12. Sir Nadroj 79 months ago | reply

    The choice of colours really makes this unique. Inspired!

  13. Marke Merciless 79 months ago | reply

    There are not words to describe what I think of these.
    They're perfect.

    They're perfect.
    Favorite Minifigs Ever.

  14. Zarlighttusk 79 months ago | reply

    so being on the Ice planet for so long gives them fleshy skin color ; )


  15. Gabbey Road J-Walker 79 months ago | reply

    Words can't describe the awesomeness of this.

  16. Ewok in Disguise 79 months ago | reply

    reminds me of the 360 game "lost planet". their guys looked pretty similar. great game, too.

  17. Ptéra 79 months ago | reply

    This is great - I love the colours, especially the orange knife

  18. Dr. X. 72 months ago | reply

    Orange Transparent Knives - the new OTCs! Your colors work great here, nice work.

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