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This isn't even everyone... but most. It was quite a gathering.

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  1. Happy Weasel 111 months ago | reply

    I can name everyone for ya.

  2. .solo 111 months ago | reply

    Thankya kindly!

  3. vissago [deleted] 111 months ago | reply

    is brickcon a lego convention?

  4. .solo 111 months ago | reply

    Yup. Of epic proportions.

  5. NihsXela [deleted] 111 months ago | reply

    I spy...
    17 Vipers
    2 Raptors
    1 Raider
    1 thing I can't name (Mark Sandlin's right hand (his right))
    and 1 thing I can't see (Albert)

  6. .solo 111 months ago | reply

    Mark had a 3vil Viper, and Albert is holding another version of a Raider.

  7. NihsXela [deleted] 111 months ago | reply

    Ah. I see it now...
    I saw the 3vil Raider and I was like it looks familiar but the wings are way too different... XD

  8. chasealewis 111 months ago | reply

    Not in the picture: Me taking this same shot, cause I hadn't made my Viper yet. :(.

  9. martin steenbeeke [deleted] 108 months ago | reply

    is that guy actually LICKING his viper....well, you gotta appreciate LEGO one way or another........preferably not the other intercourse, licking is ok.....

  10. Dunechaser 107 months ago | reply

    Smile, you're all on Gizmodo!

  11. .solo 107 months ago | reply

    ^Yup! Uncredited as always; at least they remembered to mention TBB's post this time. ;)

  12. Dunechaser 107 months ago | reply

    ^ Yeah, that seems to be a persistent issue with all the Gawker Media blogs (Gizmodo, Kotaku, etc.), so I suspect overarching editorial intent.

    It's gotten better -- especially when someone like Jesus Diaz features one particular builder -- but still nowhere near the proper attribution.

  13. lLikePi 99 months ago | reply

    Ooh, a new "people in this photo" feature!

  14. lights 99 months ago | reply

    Holy crap almighty what is this new majick??!1

  15. Shadow Viking 98 months ago | reply

    oh god. GTFO of my Flickr, Facebook.

  16. lLikePi 98 months ago | reply

    Bah, all of these new locations for people's profiles are so complicated...

  17. Joriel "Joz" Jimenez 93 months ago | reply

    Excellent photograph!

    Didn't anyone notice that Don kept all* the CheifLUG's (with their builds) in colour and desaturated everything else in frame to b&w.

    Faving this one not for facebooking stalking artistic purposes.

    *PS. Except for Bryce's hair. I'm sure that it ain't bley, grey, whatever...

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