Firkin Fest 2009
March 21, 2009, The Happy Gnome - St. Paul, MN.

50 casks of great beer to sample.

little video:

list of beers tasted:

*many of these samples were just one ounce (I was splitting with a friend).

- Avery Maharaja Double IPA - pretty nice. strong, bitter, like Dreadnaught. good stuff.
- Bells Two Hearted - great.
- Bells Hop Slam - so yummy. packs a wallop.
- Big Sky Dry Hopped Scape Goat Pale Ale - light in flavor (compared to many others we're drinking). ok though. c clean.
- Boulder Porter - really solid. good stuff.
- Brau Brothers - Sheep's Head Imperial Lucan Ale - pretty nice. a big glass would be good.
- Brau Brothers Espresso Cream Stout - meh.
- Breckenridge Brewery - 471 Series IPA - smells like a white wine. tastes is a little harsh. not keen.
- Dark Horse Brewing - Plead the 5th Russian Imperial Stout - (x2) warming, expansive, all encompassing, milky, sweet, roasty, bitter, boozy like a hug on a cold night, coffee, bitter chocolate. very nice. viscous, acrid and sweet, really great.
- Dark Horse Brewing - Crooked Tree - bursting with hop flavor. really nice. better than bottled versions I've had.
- Dark Horse Brewing - Double Crooked Tree - really great. wow, so smooth and strong, nicely done.
- Flat Earth - Northwest Passage - smells pretty bad but tastes ok. wouldn't seek it out.
- Flat Earth - Black Helicopter Coffee Stout - not bad. drinkable.
- Flying Dog - some hop aroma, pretty nice taste.
- Furthermore - Three Feet Deep - somewhat smoky. pretty good. (smoked stout).
- Goose Island - Midway IPA - drinkable and smooth.
- Goose Island - Special Bitter - ok.
- Great Divide - Yeti Imperial Stout - just a sip. ok.
- Harviestoun Brewery - Ola Dubh 12 yr Highland Park Scotch Whiskey - (strong ale aged in those barrels). you can really get the oak whisky character. wouldn't want a lot of it but very interesting.
- Lagunitas - Olde Gnarleywine - first sweet, then bitter. all right.
- Lagunitas - IPA - smells like sweaty socks.
- Left Hand - Milk Stout.
- Lift Bridge - Double Hopped Pale ale - all right.
- New Belgium -La Folie Brown (before it is sour) - fun to try and see what it is like. much less sour for sure.
- New Belgium - La Folie Love - partially sour. decent. La Folie aroma. sour but with more of the brown ale flavor, not all the way sour yet. fun to try.
- New Holland - Mad Hatter. ok.
- Rogue - Double Dead Guy - wow. a mouthful.
- Rogue - Mogul Madness - solid. not too bitter or sweet. decent.
- Rogue - Charlie - like Furious. hoppy. orangey.
- Schell - Oak Aged Stout - you can get the oak. fair.
- Steamworks - Whole Leafed Third Eye Pale - good hop aroma. good taste, solid.
- Steamworks - Conductor Imperial IPA on Oak - pretty decent. only small sample.
- Summit - IPA dry hopped with Amarillo - somewhat grassy but ok.
- Surly - Tea bagged Furious - nice.
- Surly - Oak Aged Bender - pretty oaky. I dunno. Not my favorite.
- Surly - Bitter Brewer. I've never appreciated this beer. Too bitter for its body.
- Surly 16 Grit - nice. smooth. great stuff.
- Thornbridge Brewery - Jaipur IPA - decently bitter esp for an English IPA. Earthy finish.
- Two Brothers - Bitter End pale ale - ok.
- Tyranena - Headless Man Amber Alt - solid as ever. really nice.
- Tyranena - Bitter Woman IPA - ok. so so
- Tyranena - Dirty Old Man Imp Rye Porter - smooth, roasty, tasty. really good.
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