Reading on the street

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    Patrick Street last weekend. I think it's an Argus catalogue he's reading.
    No, it's an Argos catalogue!

    1. Eric Setiawan 111 months ago | reply

      Nice urban details there. I wish I could do the same here :)

      By the way, what's an Argus catalogue?

    2. Donncha Ó Caoimh 111 months ago | reply

      Oops, that's Argos! It's a shop where everything is stored in a warehouse behind the counter. You look through a catalogue, and write the code for your purchases on a piece of paper. When you pay for them, you wait until your number is called and receive your goods from the warehouse.
      They have *loads* of stuff and would be regarded as good value but I find them mostly to be the same as everywhere else. Very hard to beat the range of goods each shop stocks!

    3. recursion_see_recursion 111 months ago | reply

      An alien anthropologist could probably learn more about contemporary Westerm culture from the Argos catalog than from a university library.

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