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Cork Landmarks

In this one single image are pictured several landmark buildings in Cork City:

1. The bell tower of St. Anne's Church, or Shandon Bells as it's commonly known as.

2. The North Cathedral can be glimpsed in the background.

3. Part of SS Peter & Paul's Church off Patrick Street in the foreground, and the distinctive red brick buildings on Paul Street that used to belong to that parish. (I think it was sold? I remember seeing a sign for a solicitor on one door!)

4. The large distinctive roof to the left of Shandon Bells is I believe the roof of the Firkin Crane Centre by the old Butter Market. Is it?


The day I shot this was gloomy and overcast. Thick black clouds covered the city but for a few minutes a small part was bathed in light from a sun peaking through a gap in the clouds.


This was shot from the roof of the car park on the Grand Parade.


Oh yes, I'm toying with the idea of watermarking my images. I hate seeing an image destroyed by a name written over the actual image. A false bottom border and my details there might be a good compromise. It's simple to remove but it's one more step for a thief to take. What do you think?

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Taken on December 16, 2007