Red Dragon

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    A Welsh flag pictured inside a window. This is just down the road from St. Fin Barre's Cathedral in Cork and is probably student accommodation because it's close to UCC too.

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    1. thoughtful desire [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Beautiful shot!! Love the light and contrasts!

    2. illustrious truck [deleted] ages ago | reply

      great contrast and pattern of the brickwork, which matches nicely with the dragon.


    3. keith10eyck ages ago | reply

      Rich, Beautiful shot. Maybe toning down the saturation a bit would improve it.

      Score 8/10 (from the Score Me!

    4. peke_cheeks ages ago | reply

      The dragon is neatly framed by the window, very eye-catching.Like the bricks.

      8/10 from the Score Me Group.

    5. oybay© ages ago | reply

      I am making it a point from today on to start noticing windows and doors more. I love the effect and can't help but feel emotion from looking at compositions like this. Stunning. Nicely done.


    6. arnmundardóttir - erla ages ago | reply

      FT: i'd love to live in a brick house...

    7. Patty Peets ages ago | reply

      Beautiful contrast.
      Score 7/10 (from the Score Me!

    8. blu_blue ages ago | reply

      Contrast is really impressive. I like the wall...

      Score 7/10 (from the Score Me!

    9. neophone ages ago | reply

      this color and contrast are impressive.

      Score 7/10 (from the Score Me!

    10. Light Collector ages ago | reply


      Not a "Tiger in you tank" but rather a "Dragon in you dorm" !

    11. yashdoshi ages ago | reply

      Nice color contrasts.

    12. wakalani ages ago | reply

      FT: when I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a christmas pic ^^

      Nice framing

    13. JKönig ages ago | reply

      the colors are so in-your-face -- well spotted and photographed!

    14. ☯ AnA oMeLeTe ☯ ages ago | reply

      Great composition and colors! :-)

    15. purring zipper [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Nice shots & colours
      Rated a 9/10 at the Ratings group.

    16. axiomatic street [deleted] ages ago | reply

      pa wlad wedi'r siarad syth
      mor lan a chymru lonydd!!

    17. lewishamdreamer ages ago | reply

      The contrast works very well for me. Great composition - such character in this!

      From (COMMENT on as many PHOTOS as you POST)

    18. Pilipala9 ages ago | reply

      I love this photo!

    19. Soniko | Kaleko Begiak ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Freedom fighters of the oppressed peoples, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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