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    The security guard of the building approached me and said "Miss, you can't take pictures of our property."

    I said "I'm sorry I'll leave"

    He said "Thats okay, no problem." Sounding shocked that I was so agreeable.

    I said "Its just that your sculpture is so pretty I wanted a photo."

    He said "I think you will find that most buildings in Los Angeles will not allow you to take pictures of their property."

    Sure enough, as I walked down the street, his security guard pal in the next building was waiting for me at the end of their property. I guess he gave his buddy a phone call that I was on my way.

    So they put all this beautiful artwork in the courtyards, design these beautiful fountains and landscape gardens - and then they won't let you take pictures in Downtown Los Angeles

    One person thought it had to do with Terrorists. Another person said it has to do with Movie Scouts looking for locations, and they want you to pay for your time.
    Whichever, I think its unfortunate. Downtown LA is so pretty.

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    1. FOTOGRAFIA.Nelo.Esteves 98 months ago | reply

      Its sad that property managers are now abusing their power to keep people from shooting public art that they provided for people to view and experience.

      Nice capture! I hope the guards do not deter you from continue to shoot what you like in public spaces!

    2. n+s 98 months ago | reply

      i had the same experience here in toronto last week.

    3. ~ freedom ~ 98 months ago | reply

      wonderful image!

    4. schoningdo (Learning to KIS) 98 months ago | reply

      Nice sculpture, it's a shame that you had so much trouble. Next time do a drive by photo shoot. LOL

    5. zelnunes 98 months ago | reply

      great shot, Donna!
      and sorry about all that paranoia!

    6. anyjazz65 98 months ago | reply

      Good shot and story. Happened to me too...
      Reflections in a forbidden building.

    7. brianwallace has moved (see profile) [deleted] 97 months ago | reply

      Please post the address of this building. I want to go take some photos.

    8. DonnaGrayson 97 months ago | reply

      Hi, everyone - thanks for your comments.

      brianwallace - the only thing I can tell you is that it is about 2 or 3 blocks away from Disney Concert Hall. I walked through the beautiful courtyard to the next street over. And thats when I saw the wonderful abstract art.
      Its not the green and white building that caused me the problems. But it is the office building with this amazing sculpture.
      Sorry but thats all the info I have.

    9. Digital Trav 97 months ago | reply

      If you're standing on public property (city sidewalk) while taking the photo, you can tell the guard to take a hike.

    10. _Bonnie_ 91 months ago | reply

      What an interesting story, Donna. We have had similar incidents in Toronto, business owners objecting to having their sign photographed, or in one case, in a gas station, the proprietor didn't want his graffiti'd ice machine photographed. Crazy! I think if it's there, it should be shot, but that's because I'm a flickr obsessive!!!

    11. orngejuglr 68 months ago | reply

      Great story & great shot!
      I great it ALL the time too, bu t am luck as I have a small camera and can take more photos on the sly.

      Hi, Michelle here, I'm a moderator for a group called; Flickr LA
      Please post this great photo and other LA Area shot you have.

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