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    Within minutes, her eyes were red and puffy and we had to stop at the pharmacy on the way home to get her some Benadryl and allergy eyedrops. After another hour, she was pretty much back to normal again.

    1. will9516 70 months ago | reply

      Oh my! Do you know what she was allergic to? Pearl gets hives quite often, but we don't know what is causing it. Pete is taking her to the doctor right now because her whole back is covered in a blistery rash.

    2. Donna & Andrew 70 months ago | reply

      There was SO MUCH pollen everywhere today! I was heavily medicated with Benadryl and it was kicking my butt too. Gwen has never had such an attack but it responded well to a dose of Children's Benadryl and some eye drops. Being indoors helped too.

      Maddy wasn't phased by it but Andrew felt it a bit too.

      I take some Benadryl every 8 hours just be be safe. Back home, I really don't need much of anything except for a few weeks during the high pollen season.

      You can easily buy what you need here.



    3. CindyLou3039- 70 months ago | reply

      Its here in TN too! just everywhere I do reckon!

      Poor BABY!

      Hate she had to have this attack!
      I guess we all have to depend on some allergy med from time to time!
      I do hate this happened to Gwen!

      Too bad your camera died!

      Update us more when you CAN!
      Glad you got what you needed easiy too!


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