If it's on the Internet, it isn't private.

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    Sayings of DonkeyHotey #002:
    "If it's on the Internet, it isn't private."

    Just ask Congressman Anthony Weiner, Congressman Christopher Lee, and Congressman Mark Foley. If you send it in an email, post it to Twitter or Facebook you should know that it may very well be on TV before you know it.

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    1. bf6067 32 months ago | reply

      America has become the most ignorant 2 faced country around. American businesses are pushing people away from paper and wanting everyone to do everything on the Internet. Yet, in the case of people like Anthony Weiner, America claims anything you do on the Internet is America's business. So basically America is telling Americans to hand over their bank accounts to would be Internet thieves instead of protecting our Internet privacy. The Internet will only be as private as America let's it be. I say that the exposing of Anthony Weiner's twitter doings was a criminal offense. had Anthony committed a crime, that would be one thing but since no crime was committed, his actions should have remained personal. America, you can't have it both ways! Either we make privacy private or we publish everything about every American thereby not allowing any one to have any personal secrets!

    2. DonkeyHotey 32 months ago | reply

      It would be great if technology companies could provide easy to use systems to protect privacy on social networks. I think Google is making some progress in this area on Google Plus.

      In Weiner's case, I believe he accidentally posted the first image in a way that left it visible to all Twitter users. Then various recipients leaked or possibly sold the images he sent to them. I don't care what Weiner or any of these politicians do in their private lives as long as they obey the laws. It would be more useful for the media to expose the financial relations between our government officials and their corporate suitors.

      Internet Security is not at a stage where users should feel safe publishing or posting anything they wish to keep secret. I got a call just the other day from my bank that they were issuing me a new card because their database was compromised.

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