Mitch McConnell, Filibuster King

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    Mitch McConnell has lead the Senate Republicans to record filibusters.

    1. DonkeyHotey 101 months ago | reply

      Image usage:
      Outlet: Newsvine
      Date: Tue Mar 2, 2010
      Title: Jim Bunning, The Last Great Obstructionist? The GOP Has Promised To Repeal Healthcare Reform; They Can't Do It Without Attacking The Filibuster

    2. wquatman 99 months ago | reply

      You got that correct. He´s been on the forefront fighting against campaign reform to ensure the wealthy can corrupt our democratic process in their own interest. He opposed healthcare reform in favor of wealth care NOT healthcare. Now he´s championing Wall Street and fighting against those regulations proven to protect our economy. GOP-Greed Over People.

      Your photo was seen in the:U.S. Politics and the World; Political Debate & Discussion Blog

    3. DonkeyHotey 98 months ago | reply

      This image was picked up on Harvard Law Political Review in a post titled Excessive and Irrelevant Talking by Colin Shannon. Thanks Harvard Political Review for using my image under Creative Commons License.

    4. Wallysmom2011 82 months ago | reply

      Fabulous cartoon. Just terrific.

    5. StewSteve 73 months ago | reply

      Great representation of old Turtle Face. We used this image on a post on latest polling showing that majority of Americans think the GOP is intentionally sabotaging the economy to defeat Barack Obama...

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