Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump - Caricatures

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    This caricature of Hillary Clinton was adapted from a photo in the public domain from the East Asia and Pacific Media's Flickr photostream. The body was adapted from a photo in the public domain from the U.S. Department of State's Flickr photostream. This caricature of Donald Trump was adapted from Creative Commons licensed images from Max Goldberg's flickr photostream.

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    1. 1r3s677gR 33 months ago | reply

      Two sides of the same coin; both neurotic, arrogant, money-grubbing corporatists and megalomaniac, hypocritical liars.

    2. DonkeyHotey 33 months ago | reply

      1r3s677gR My concern is the policies that will be enacted a Republican Congress and a Republican President will push us more in the wrong direction towards austerity, endless war, corporate welfare and etc. At least with different parties in the Congress and the White House you can slow the pace of regression.

    3. 1r3s677gR 33 months ago | reply

      D'accord. That's precisely why I'm campaigning for Bernie rather than the corporatist closet Republican next to Trump in the picture.

      My best case scenario: Bernie manages to get the Dem's nomination; Trump is dissed by the Rethuglicans and runs as an independent, splitting the crap-for-brains vote and giving Bernie a good shot at the White House.

      My worst case scenario: We're only given a choice of electing one of the two craptoads shown here, in which case I'll seriously consider living as an expat in Panama.

    4. DonkeyHotey 33 months ago | reply

      1r3s677gR Sometimes my images have a specific message, but some like this one are created to accompany articles written for various publications.

    5. sparkphotographers 25 months ago | reply

      Hi there , I work for The Spark Newspaper and was wondering if we could use your photograph in one of our articles ? We'd credit you of course.
      Best wishes, Manon

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