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Barack Obama - Knight-errant | by DonkeyHotey
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Barack Obama - Knight-errant

President Barack Obama, the Knight-errant of bipartisanship, riding his faithful steed, Austerity, in his frustrated quest to forge the Grand Bargain while armored in Wall Street gold. Along his path, the Don Quixote of good government is heckled by traditional Republicans and hissed at by Tea Party Republicans. They see the Other they want to see, not the conservative steward yearning for their praise. He navigates through a field of “all of the above” energy policy. Carefully he commands the cyber, drone and human forces as he travels. He displays the ACA scabbard that guarantees customers for the insurance, drug and medical industries while making some improvements for those customers as well. The feather in his helmet is a slight flutter in the minimum wage. Will he choose to put down his broken staff and pick up the sword of progress? He might not change the country, but at least he could change the conversation.


Barack Hussein Obama II, aka Barack Obama, is the 44th president of the United States of America.


The source image for this caricature of President Barack Obama is a photo in the public domain from The White House Flickr photostream.


The source image for this caricature of an elephant is a Creative Commons licensed photo from Visnu Pitiyanuvath's Flickr photostream.


The source images for this caricature of a donkey are Creative Commons licensed photos from Don DeBold's and Klearchos Kapoutsis's Flickr photostreams.


The WPA stone was adapted from an image available via the Library of Congress.


The hydraulic fracking pumping station was adapted from a Creative Commons licensed photo from Jeremy Buckingham's Flickr photostream.


The oil rigs were adapted from a Creative Commons licensed photo from Maarten Heerlien's Flickr photostream.


The wind mills were adapted from a photo in the public domain from


The source images for the rattle snake are Creative Commons licensed images from: plural's and Jeffery Love's flickr photostream.

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Taken on February 18, 2014