Rose Pauson Residence, "Ship Rock" (1939)

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Ruins of "Ship Rock", as it was known, remained after a fire in 1942. These were destroyed in 1980 to make way for an extension of Thirty-second Street. Architect Edward M. Jones relocated the 70-ton chimney mass (9-by-ll-foot base, 26 feet high) 200 yards south and incorporated it into his gateway to Alta Vista Park subdivision.

The original Pauson residence was a desert rubblestone or desert masonry structure, with lapped redwood siding. The inline organization featured studio, kitchen, dining, and servants' quarters on the lower level, with bedrooms and a balcony overlooking the living room above. The great Alfred Hitchcock film "North by Northwest", starring an affable Cary Grant, featured a fictitious home on the top of Mt. Rushmore that, in my humble opinion, is strikingly similar to Ship Rock in design and apparent floorplan (at least the living room where most of the action in the house took place).

Just three years after its construction in 1939, embers from the fireplace ignited some nearby curtains and the house burned to the ground. The desert-stone ruins remained for nearly forty years before being replaced by the construction project.

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