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Treasure Island Party.

May 26, 2011-

Feverish work was done to build light fixtures to be ready to have Bliss Dance lit again for the party on the Island. Kaylah said that Facebook logged 900 attending and it drew at least 800 people.



Party shot:

Russ Eddy's amazing shot, made before the lights went up:


The inner lights work as you see on this page. The external lights reveal the form more clearly. Here is a shot where inner and outer lights are on at the same time:!/photo.php?fbid=2186797048174...

The inner and outer lights can be run to work separately or together, using a custom iPad app:



- in this one, Marco gets specific about the interplay between the inner and outer lights:


Thanks to Flickr member, y3rdua, ( Audry Penven ) for giving CC status to her photos.

Source page for this beautiful photo:


Light poles for the event;

Marco working on the light housings:

That's the temporary, 18 foot version of Truth is Beauty in the background. It was built to make one-third size molds that are scaled up for the steel.


I didn't make it to the the party but Kaylah and I were there a few days earlier to try to shoot an 'around' video of the figure on the island with George's help. Also got the work shots for this page.


Video of the party night shows the clouds rolling in from the Golden Gate:


This is the best surround video I've seen:




Jan. 8, 2013-

- Bliss Dance is still up.

- funding has just been completed to give it a life-saving anti-rust treatment. Bliss Dance is slated for several more months on TI.

- as it did at Burning Man 2010, it has changed from being a sculpture to a place. the Official San Francisco website features it for tourists.

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Taken on May 28, 2011