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Long-tailed Weasel | by Don Delaney
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Long-tailed Weasel

And Now for Something Completely Different.


This is a quote from "Wild Mammals of Western Canada" by Arthur and Candace Savage.


"Weasels are diabolically efficient killers, extremely formidable in their own little worlds. The long-tailed weasel, for example, frequently preys on adult snowshoes hares, a feat that, if it occurred on a larger scale, would be equivalent to a house cat killing an animal the size of a pronghorn. Often, the weasel's technique is to pursue the hare relentlessly by scent, for as long as an hour if necessary, seeking an opportunity to sink its dagger-like canines into some portion of the hare's anatomy. The hare may repel the initial assault, but loss of blood weakens it and also provides an excellent scent trail for the hunter.


It isn't long before the final encounter takes place. Then screams of the hare may disturb the night, as the weasel’s teeth, directed with the precision of a surgeon's scalpel, penetrate the back of the hare's skull or dislocate a neck vertebra."


OK. I did get a couple of nice bird shots as well, but I think I'll give this guy his own space on my photo stream today.


Emily Murphy Park - November 09 2011.


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Taken on November 9, 2011