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Truth Dangling in Early Morning Sunlight

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Truth Dangling in Early Morning Sunlight

By Don Iannone


The morning sunlight reveals

What the night's darkness stole away from us

Those things haunting us well past 3 AM

Well past the time for usual self-inflicted salvations

Things we promise to do should we live

To see daybreak in our now slumbering garden


Cast your eyes upon something of beauty

Like those dangling pink flowers where morning dew drops cling

Like each breath we take holds on

Till the next can take its place

Leaving nothing in between

No room for the darkness to reenter


Admire the pink flowers, if you will

But they can't save us

Nor can the garden itself

Soon to be choked to death by weeds

Then covered by snow

Freezing shut the ice blue lips of hope


Look more closely at the dew drops

Each a tear reflecting back to us

Parts of ourselves lost, broken, forgotten

One by one suck them into your mouth

In small measure, let them quench the thirst

That has become your life


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Taken on July 16, 2009